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New Jersey Termite Control

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New Jersey Termite Control

No matter how your home is constructed, where it’s located or how old it is, subterranean termites could attack it. They are a threat across 70% of the world and in every part of the US except for Alaska. For such a small pest, termites are incredibly destructive.

Subterranean Termites are the most destructive insects for home owners to deal with because they cause serious structural damage, not just in the spring, but all year long. Termites know no boundaries, putting your entire home at risk, including foundations, wood support beams, floor joists, sill plates, and even pool liners can fall victim to termite activity unless proactively protected or treated by Horizon.


Here’s What You Need to Know:

  • The average cost to fix termite damage in a home is $3,750.
  • $0 = amount of termite damage covered by homeowner’s insurance.
  • Worker termites search for food up to 250 feet from their colony.
    (How far is your house from your neighbor’s?)
  • Termites eat non-stop 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • The total weight of all termites in the world is more that the weight of all humans.
  • Termite queens can produce up to 1,000 eggs each day.
  • Each year termites cause more than $5 billion in property damage.
  • A single colony of Formosan or super termites could eat the whole structure of a home within 2 years.



Our Home Guard+ program gets rid of the termite problem you have and protect your property against future invasions. Our trained exterminators have been providing effective treatments and quality service for over 44 years. Our Termite service utilizes the most current technology available in our industry. We provide corrective, preventative, and monitoring programs for the protection of your home and property.

Learn more about our Home Guard+ Program. Speak to our pest specialists today. Call (888) 612-2847!

What Our Clients Say

Horizon Pest Control does monthly maintenance for us. They come on time and are punctual. The exterminator is pleasant and professional. If there’s an emergency situation, they immediately respond and get the work done promptly. They’re dependable and reliable. The prices are reasonable relative to their industry.

Maureen K., Secaucus, NJ


I have Horizon Pest Control’s Home Guard, Yard Guard, and Stinkbug Protection services. I’m happy with the responsiveness of the company, as well as how easy it is to schedule appointments. Their follow-up has been great ever since I started using them in March.

Lisa F., Franklin Lakes, NJ



Why Choose Horizon?

Reasons to Work with Horizon Pest Control

  • OUR GUARANTEE: If pests return, so will we – FOR FREE.
  • RECIPIENT OF ANGIES LIST SUPER SERVICE AWARD: Horizon received this award in 2009 and maintains an A+ rating on Angieslist.com
  • 98% SATISFACTION RATING: on average most of our clients have been with us for 10 years or more. Our oldest clients are families that have trusted us with their pest control and home services since 1970.
  • EFFECTIVE SERVICE: We provide the most comprehensive, reliable and courteous
    New Jersey pest control service you’ll find from any service company, with fast and effective response to your needs.

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