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New Jersey Carpenter Ants Control

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Early detection and prompt eradication of carpenter ants are essential to prevent structural damage.

Carpenter ants play an important role in the balance of nature because they help in decaying dead trees. However, they are considered pests when they invade and infest homes and businesses. Large colonies can be extremely destructive and may be a cause of structural damage.

Carpenter ants can cause extensive damage to homes and offices if not treated. Ant elimination can be difficult for those without prior experience. Therefore, carpenter ant control is best left to trained professionals who have the proper skill and knowledge.

Home Guard Program and Home Guard+ Programs


Our Home Guard and Home Guard+ programs eliminate the ant issue you have and protect your home against future instances. Our trained exterminators have been providing effective treatments and quality service for over 44 years. Our experience ensures a thorough and complete removal of carpenter ants and other ants to leave your home’s structure safe.

Don’t be fooled – ant infestation can be difficult to handle by yourself. Disturbing their nest will make it harder to eradicate them completely. In addition, most do-it-yourself ant treatments only solve the problem you can see. A successful, quality treatment will solve the entire problem, to ensure your home is protected.

If you’ve seen small dirt piles accumulating around the outside of your home, in your basement, or closet, call (888)612.2847 today for a free Inspection. We will have a trained exterminator to you today!

There are many species of carpenter ants that may infest residential and commercial buildings.

Carpenter ants are among the largest ants in New Jersey. Their size ranges from 1/4 to a full inch. In New Jersey, the most common invader is the black carpenter ant.

Carpenter ants can live both indoors and outdoors. These ants prefer to nest in decayed logs, roots, stumps and posts. They chew wood to build their nests, but they don’t actually eat the wood. They just excavate wood to create galleries and tunnels. Their diet includes insects, honeydew and food that we eat such as sweets, meats and fats.


Both carpenter ants and termites destroy wood. Physically, these two don’t look the same. Carpenter ants have three body segments while termites only have two. Both the carpenter ants and temites have four wings. The back wings of the carpenter ants are shorter than the front wings; whereas the four wings of termites are equal in length.

The tunnels or galleries made by carpenter ants are smooth. On the other hand, those created by termites appear rough and ragged. Since carpenter ants merely hollow wood and do not consume it, there will be piles of sawdust-like materials seen below their nests. Although these two both love wood, pest control measures are different for each. To correctly identify an infestation, it is important for property owners to call the experts.


  • Visible carpenter ants and winged carpenter ants called the swarmers
  • Presence of excavated wood particles
  • Rustling sounds inside walls and other wood structures
  • Wood that sounds hollow when tapped

If you are having problems with carpenter ants inside your home or office, call us at (888)612-2847 today!


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I’ve been using them for 3 years now and I wouldn’t use anyone else. We have a problem with ants too. Horizon comes, the ants go, and I’m happy. The ants start coming up in April and I call immediately to deal with them. I highly recommend Horizon Pest Control.

Elizabeth L. , North Arlington, NJ


It was an excellent experience. He knew what he was doing and got rid of the ants. Their service includes 4 visits. They are very flexible with their scheduling. We have no complaints and they are very pleasant!

Home Owner, Englewood, NJ