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The Cicadas Are Singing Again

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The Cicadas Are Singing AgainCicadas

Summer is here, and that means cicadas are singing their songs. The sounds cicadas make during the summer months are the loudest sounds made by insects. Despite their collectively loud hum, many people find the hum of cicadas to be calming. Many people are curious as to why cicadas sing, and sing so loudly. Perhaps these insects are singing out of pure happiness for having been released from a seventeen yearlong stint underground, which is necessary for their proper development. Actually, there is a reasonable explanation for the loud cicada humming we all hear during the summer months. Male cicadas sing their songs in order to woe female cicadas.

All of the chirping and humming made my male cicadas can be heard by female cicadas located within a one mile radius of the singing males. There must be much competition among the male cicadas because there can exist up to one billion cicadas dwelling within a one square mile area. Those that do not mind the sound of many singing cicadas likely don’t live in an area where there are one billion cicadas singing in one small area. It is no wonder why so many people find their mating calls annoying while others find their calls soothing.

Cicadas create their sounds by rapidly vibrating a drum-like object that is located near their abdomens. Sometimes the sounds of cicadas can become loud enough to reach one hundred decibels, which is louder than a particularly loud lawnmower. However, cicadas will stop with their singing around sunset, allowing nearby people to sleep through the night. The song of the cicadas also repels bird predators, so when cicadas stop singing it is usually an indication that birds have turned in for the night. The loudest cicadas sounds have been recorded on the east coast, so if you live in this area, expect the humming of cicadas to last a few more weeks.

Have you ever found yourself annoyed by singing cicadas?