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What Type Of Insect-Pests Threaten Soybean Crops?

Filed under: Pest Control — Tags: — New Jersey Pest Control @ 4:09 am June 23, 2017

What Type Of Insect-Pests Threaten Soybean Crops?

Soybean crops are a staple of America. The United States grows more soybean crops than any other country in the world. However, just like many other crops, big and small, soybeans are threatened by various insect-pests. According to agronomist, Brett Craigmyle, there are three different types of insects that enjoy feasting on soybean crops, foliage feeders, pod feeders and stem feeders. Craigmyle claims that the two types of insects that you have to worry about are the foliage-feeding and pod-feeding insects. These two insect-types are often damaging to soybean crops.

Foliage-feeding insects are common, and they can be found in every soybean crop in America. These types of insects don’t typically reduce crop yields, but these insect-pests can transmit viruses to soybean plants. Green stem syndrome is the most common virus transmitted by foliage-feeding insects. Pod-feeders, on the other hand, do reduce crop yields. These insects penetrate the soybean pods, which damages the soybeans contained within the pods. After pod-feeders sink their mouthparts into soybean pods, the soybeans become inedible.

Although rare, there are some insects that feed on both foliage and pods. For example, the corn earworm enjoys feeding on soybean plants in just about every way possible. These insects are brown with black spots. These insects have a pale brown, or an orange colored head, and stripes travelling down the length of its body. If left untreated, corn earworms can cause severe pod damage and defoliation.

Grasshoppers are also detrimental to the health of soybean crops. Grasshoppers vary in size and appearance with some grasshoppers sporting unique looking red legs. Grasshoppers are foliage-feeders, and if left to their own devices, they will most likely destroy as many soybean plants as they possibly can. Younger grasshoppers are particularly damaging since they can easily obscure themselves within soybean crops.

Which type of insect-pest do you think is most damaging to the environment?