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Keep your home mosquito free next Summer by preparing in Fall

Filed under: Gutter Cleaning,Pest Control — Megan Howard @ 6:31 pm October 22, 2012


mosquito bite

Many people consider fall to be one of the most beautiful times of the year. The leaves change colors, the air is cooler, and the mosquito population is soon to hibernate.  While mosquitoes are rare to be found in the winter, they can still cause quite a problem in the fall and how you deal with them in the fall effects how much they get to bother you in the spring and summer. There is a method of mosquito prevention that is often overlooked by many homeowners. If you have gutters you must know about this cool fall secret.

Being overrun by mosquitoes is a terrible thing, they buzz in your ear and inflict those awful, itchy bites. Worst is the fact that many mosquitoes have helped spread disease. They are even responsible for many cases of human parasite infestations. In many cities the mosquito populations is utterly out of control and those who live in the country are not free of this burden. Yet, the battle against mosquitoes can be won by understanding much about them. One thing about mosquitoes is that they love to lay eggs in standing water.

You might not have a pond or a birdbath in your yard, but if you have stopped up gutters then you have a nice source of standing water for the mosquitoes to enjoy. The whole purpose of gutters is to catch and control the flow of the rain water so that it minimizes damage to the house and surrounding area. When gutters are clogged up the rain that collects in them cannot drain off. Instead it pools up inside the gutters and causes many problems.

Fall is a prime time for gutters to get clogged because of the heavy flow of leaves. Even a perfectly functioning gutter system can get backed up when full of leaves. Yet, many homeowners get frustrated by the amount of leaves that fall around their house and refuse to do something about it until the end of the season, if ever. It is shocking to note just how many homes have gutters clogged to the brim year round and the property owners refuse to do anything about it.

So the mosquitoes find these gutters and fall in love with them. During the fall the mosquitoes get busy laying eggs. That means that people do not have to wait until the springtime to be overrun with mosquitoes. They can just let the water in their gutters stand for a couple of weeks and they will start getting bug bites just about every time they step outside. If they let this continue into the spring and summer months they will find the problem to be much worse. All the eggs will have hatched and the mosquito population in their yard will be much bigger.

Instead, be sure to clean the gutters out after every major leaf fall. If you keep them clean regularly, such maintenance should only take a few short minutes. Removing the leaves is especially easy if you have a power washer. This habit protects both your home and your health. It may possibly even protect your sanity.

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