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Doctors Failed To Notify A Pregnant Women About Zika

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Doctors Failed To Notify A Pregnant Women About Zika

Being diagnosed with the Zika virus while pregnant would be terrible. But at least a diagnosis of Zika could lead to successful treatments, in which case an infected mother’s fetus could be spared the worst effects of the virus, such as cranial malformation. Thank goodness we are living in an era when medical professionals are anything but irresponsible, and a scenario like the one mentioned above could never happen, right? Sadly this is not the case as medical professionals in Washington failed to notify a pregnant mother that she had tested positive for the Zika virus.

Andrea Pardo, 33, of Issaquah, Washington was tested for the Zika virus last October, and the results of her test came back as positive the following December. However, Andrea was notified about her positive Zika test until April of 2017. At this point Andrea was thirty seven weeks pregnant. Andrea contracted the disease while she was staying in Mexico.

Andrea eventually gave birth to a daughter whom she named Noemi. So far the baby seems to be free of the symptoms associated with the Zika virus. However, there is no way to determine the effect that Zika has had on the infant until the infant matures. Many members of the public are appalled that the mother was not informed of her diagnoses, and some are arguing that the mother’s right to choose was violated by the doctors failure to notify Andrea of her Zika diagnoses. Andrea claims that she still would have given birth to her daughter, but she is still upset that she did not find out.

According to Dr. Timothy Dellit, from the University of Washington’s School of Medicine has expressed his apologies over the matter. The doctor has gone on record stating that the blood tests administered to Andrea were “not handled properly”. As a result of this incident, many experts are claiming that strict surveillance is needed in medical setting in order to prevent situations like the one involving Andrea and her baby.

Do you believe that criminal charges should be filed against the doctor for his failure to notify the patient of her disease?