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Why Do Squirrels Prefer Life In The Big City? | Wildlife Removal Experts New Jersey

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Why Do Squirrels Prefer Life In The Big City? | Wildlife Removal Experts New Jersey

These days we see squirrels everywhere, but there was a time when we regarded squirrel sightings as a delightful novelty, similar to how people behave when they spot a deer prancing in the woods. Back in the 1800’s, and before, squirrel populations were sparse in the United States. By the mid 1800’s people began making homes for incoming squirrels that were dispatched in mass by the government in an effort to use squirrels for esthetic appeal in parks all over the US. Believe it or not there was a time in American history when squirrels were just as beloved to the American public as Punxsutawney Phil is today.

Prior to the mid 1800’s squirrels were regarded by early American settlers as crop-pests and hunting targets. During this time squirrels were not living in cities amongst the public, rather squirrels inhabited rural areas. Squirrels quickly became a staple of life in the city, but only because humans decided to make them that way. As a result of generations of living amongst humans in cities, squirrels have adapted to big city life.

In order to illustrate how fascinating squirrels used to be to Americans living in big cities, it should be mentioned that there was once an incident in which hundreds of people gathered around a single squirrel in awe of its unfamiliar movements, and seemingly alien appearance. The incident occurred back in 1856, and the scene involved hundreds of onlookers gawking at a squirrel moving about amongst several trees. Although this may sound like a boring sight today, the fact is that most American people of the mid 1800’s, and before, had never laid eyes on a squirrel before. The crowd did not disperse until the proper authorities were called in to remove the squirrel, which was regarded as a unpredictable public nuisance of an animal at the time. This one single squirrel sighting was such a topic of fascination that the story made headlines in American newspapers. Ever since this incident in 1856, the American people considered squirrels to be safe and fun loving animals that should not be feared.

Do you think that it would have been more beneficial to the ecosystem to prevent squirrel populations from proliferating on American soil during the 1800’s?