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Bizarre Looking Extinct Flightless Wasp Is Unearthed

Filed under: New Jersey Wasp Control,Wasp Control,Wasp Control New Jersey — Tags: , — New Jersey Pest Control @ 6:53 am November 3, 2016

Researchers discovered a strange looking insect from the cretaceous period. The insect was found encased in amber, and it looked like a strange mix between a cockroach, a wasp and a grasshopper. The ancient bug has been dubbed the “Frankenstein” bug.

The insect is estimated to be one hundred million years old, and it is not like any other insect known to mankind. The insect looks like it can fly and has the face of a wasp, but no wings. The insect has the legs of a grasshopper, the antennae of an ant, and the body of a cockroach.

The entomologist that discovered the bug had to admit that he had no idea what kind of bug it was. It is hard to place this strange looking creature on a tree of bugs and their ancestors. So the head entomologist was forced to create an entirely new family for the weird looking bug since it does not fit in anywhere else. When this creature died out it became an evolutionary dead end, and if you saw the bug you would agree that it did not leave any ancestors for a pretty clear reason–it’s ugly.

Have you ever found an ancient insect preserved in amber?