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Multifunctional Benefits of TAP Insulation

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Homeowners can reduce energy consumption and keep houses free of unwanted insects with multifunctional TAP insulation. A small investment in home maintenance can pay off for a lifetime. Take advantage of the application of TAP insulation. 

What is TAP Insulation?

TAP InsulationTAP is an abbreviation for Thermal Acoustical Pest Control. TAP insulation is an environmentally-friendly product that is permanent and effective. Composed of recycled newsprint and the natural boron compound, H3BO3, it is the only pest control application that has earned an Energy Star seal of approval. The use of cellulose from recycled sources reduces landfill waste and is considered green in all product life-cycles from production to performance and disposal. Bill Turk is the developer, co-founder and CEO of TAP insulation. He describes the specific details of TAP insulation in an interview with Sally Painter. According to Turk, lifetime protection from designated pests is coupled with energy savings of 20 percent or more. 

Benefits of TAP Insulation Include:


  • More thorough insulation. The air-filled pockets reduce the transfer of heat and cold. The cells fill holes better than traditional insulation, resulting in lower energy bills for consumers.
  • Better coverage. It can be blown into spaces atop of existing insulation or used as the sole insulating treatment. It can reach spaces that fiberglass insulation cannot.
  • Reduced noise. The additional insulation decreases the transmission of sound and makes for a quieter, more soothing environment.
  • Permanent pest control. Treatment with Boron helps to create a useful tool for pest control. It protects against termites, cockroaches, ants, silverfish, and other “self-grooming” insects. Insects are coated with the boron and ingest it when they groom. They do not consume the insulation. Insects do not build up a tolerance to the compound and the insulation needs no further treatment when properly installed.
  • Green materials and processes. A green product from production to application and disposal.
  • Approval from the EPA. EPA approval means that more than 100 studies and tests have analyzed the product. EPA ensures the safety of the pesticide when applied according to directions.

TAP insulation can only be applied by approved pest management professionals. Since 1970, Horizon Pest Control offers their expertise and pest protection plans to homeowners. Contact a friendly representative at 888.612.2847 for the best course of treatment for eliminating and preventing unwanted pests.



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Why Choose TAP Insulation for Your Attic

Filed under: Pest Management,TAP Insulation — Megan Howard @ 7:26 pm November 25, 2014

Tap Insulation


Thermal Acoustical Pest (TAP) insulation is made for new homes, commercial buildings, and for attics that require new insulation. But, why should you choose TAP insulation? Well, it will mae surviving winter much more bearable. Natural gas and heating oil will always rise in price. Insulating your attic will allow you to save more money and be energy efficient.

T.A.P insulation is a new, innovative solution to insulating your attics. TAP is made from 87 percent recycled newspaper and all-natural boron compound. This new type of insulation is an all-natural, environmental, and permanent product that is safe and helps keep your home pest free. Since the material used for the insulation is a combination of all natural, low toxicity borates and recycled paper, it is more effective and even surpasses traditional types of insulation like fiberglass and foam insulation.

The thermal material has air-filled cells, or voids, and heat-reflective surfaces that slow down the transfer of temperature. The acoustical material also slows down the transmission of sound. Another advantage for this type of insulation is that it helps control and avoid infestations of pests such as cockroaches, termites, ants, booklice, crickets, centipedes, and so on, keeping your home more secure from such pests.

Benefits of TAP Insulation

It effectively eliminates pests. A great benefit to TAP is that it instantly eliminates pests that may be harboring in your attic. Ants, cockroaches, centipedes, termites, and more will not be able to survive, which will save your home thousands of dollars in maintenance and repairs. There is also no need to retreat the insulation as it lasts a lifetime.

Great for your savings

You will be able to save money and energy, especially when the summer comes, since the insulation will help keep your home cool. Even during winter, your home will be kept warmer with TAP. Your investment in this type of insulation can easily result in a return, as your heating and cooling bills are reduced.

Made as an acoustical barrier

TAP makes the perfect barrier for outside noises and indoor noise as well. With the use of this type of insulation, sounds from passing airplanes, helicopters, cars, and even lawnmowers can be reduced. Indoor sounds such as flushing toilets, loud music, and appliances can also be lessened.

To sum it up, TAP helps control pests, saves money and energy, absorbs sounds, is a perfect fit to any type of attic, environmentally friendly, provides fire resistance, made from all-natural ingredients, and is made to be a permanent insulation.

Horizon Pest Control is a certified T.A.P Pest Control Insulation installer. To learn more about our New Jersey services, visit Tap Insulation.