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Spiders Could Eat Every Human Being On The Planet In No Time | Spider Exterminator New Jersey

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Spiders Could Eat Every Human Being On The Planet In No Time | Spider Exterminator New Jersey

We all know that there are many different spiders in the world, and they far outnumber human beings. This is an unfortunate fact for arachnophobes everywhere. Thank god spiders are not as large as human beings, or we would certainly become their prey. However, a recent study has, for the first time, shed some light on how much spiders eat every year, and they eat a whole lot! In fact, there are enough spiders on this planet to consume every human being quickly, and still be hungry.

Spiders already consume rather large prey. For example, some spiders are known to consume birds, lizards and even small mammals, but luckily we human being are not on the menu thanks to our relatively gigantic size. A study conducted a couple of months ago by Klaus Birkhofer and Dr. Martin Nyffeler determined that the global spider population eats four hundred to eight hundred million tons of prey every year. That is a lot of food!

To give you some perspective this absurd amount of prey eaten by spiders every year is even greater than the meat that all seven billion humans on earth eat each year. Also, the estimated biomass of every human on the planet is around two hundred and eighty seven tons. This is a paltry amount as it is even less than half of what spiders eat each year. In other words, if spiders could eat every human being on earth, they would not survive for even a year. The researchers published their report in the Science and Nature Journal. In the report it was also determined that each year spiders consume as much as every whale on earth. The researchers are hoping that these surprising statistics lead to a greater appreciation for spiders among the public.

Have you ever been surprised to see a spider feeding on an unusually large organism? If yes, what organism was the spider feeding on?