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Raccoons Playing With Bubbles Are Simply Irresistible | Raccoon Removal

Filed under: Raccoon Removal — Tags: — New Jersey Pest Control @ 3:14 pm April 20, 2017

Raccoons Playing With Bubbles Are Simply Irresistible | Raccoon Removal

Most people tend to look at raccoons as a nuisance and often lump together with rodents. But this bad rap is mostly undeserved. Sure, they can be a bit mischievous at times and definitely make big messes of our trash that we have to then clean up. Of course, digging around for tasty trash does not help their reputation, but these masked critters can be quite charming as well. Their bad image could use a bit of a makeover, and one user on YouTube gave us the perfect video to do just that.

A video was uploaded to YouTube the other day of what may be the cutest scene I have ever witnessed. Imagine two raccoons, one a boy dressed in a tiny green polo shirt and one a girl wearing red an white polka dotted dress, dancing around while bubbles waft all around them. In between dancing on their hind legs and looking in wonderment at the bubbles, which they probably think must be some kind of gift from the gods or magic, these adorable little critters reach around trying to pop the bubbles without much success. To put it mildly, this video is up there with the cute cat videos the world is obsessed with.

So, first take a minute to watch this video. Now, how do you feel about raccoons? Don’t you want one for a pet (absolutely not recommended)? These guys aren’t on the level of disgusting rodents. First of all, they are not even in the same family as rodents. The red panda also used to be classified as a rodent. Now look at the love pouring out of people’s hearts for those cute animals. Can’t we give the same second chance to raccoons? The next time you find your trash strewn all over your driveway or hear that telltale rustling out by those bins, just watch this video and your annoyance will immediately turn into love.

What other animals that humans don’t usually like have you seen cute videos of? Can you change our minds about another animal?