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Sick Raccoons Are Being Euthanized In The Eastern United States

Filed under: Raccoon Control New Jersey — New Jersey Pest Control @ 4:42 am April 14, 2017

Sick Raccoons Are Being Euthanized In The Eastern United States | Raccoon Control New Jersey

Sick raccoons are being euthanized in Maryville, Blount County and Alcoa. All of the animals collected so far appear to have rabies, but another lesser-known disease called distemper is the most likely illness afflicting the captured raccoons.

All three jurisdictions mentioned above have been experiencing an influx in raccoon activity, but in Alcoa the number of raccoons has been increasing steadily for some time. According to an animal control officer working in Alcoa, there are only two or three sick raccoons captured in Alcoa per year. However, in March alone, animal control officials in Alcoa have been forced to euthanize eighteen troublesome raccoons. Some residents feel as though the raccoons are reaching epidemic proportions.

Most ill raccoons have distemper, while rabies is far less reported. Symptoms of rabies and distemper are similar in their symptomatology, so the diseases are hard to discern just by looking at a sick raccoon.

The United States of Agriculture has stepped into test the various raccoons for illness, but the test results are still pending. If the raccoons are infected with distemper then they don’t pose a threat to humans, but that is certainly not the case with rabies. Animals, like raccoons, can die as a result of having distemper, but if you are bitten by an animal with distemper then you will still live.

When raccoons are infected with distemper they demonstrate strange habits. For example, raccoons infected with distemper have been found roaming about during the day, which is odd for raccoons since they are nocturnal creatures. Or the sick raccoons could be found walking aimlessly in circles or lying on the ground. Raccoons with distemper are also known to foam at the mouth, even if they don’t have rabies.

Have you ever spotted a raccoon in the forest or elsewhere that you thought was ill?