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Convicts Extract Spider Toxins For Kicks | New Jersey Pest Inspection

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Many convicts being held in an Australian jail have taken up a new hobby to pass their time, which involves milking the venom from the well-known native spider known as the “redback spider.” Obviously the convicts are bored and looking to pass the time with any old activity, but spider milking is a new one to me. However, it must be mentioned that the prisoners are extracting the venom of the redback solely to become intoxicated by its venom. Now that is pretty resourceful coming from maladjusted convicts.

Four of these dangerous redback spiders have been found within the prison grounds, which is a safety concern even for hardened Australians since the redback can kill a child or an elderly person with just one single bite. Then again, if only four of these redbacks were found, then where are the prisoners finding their collections of deadly spiders? It turns out that the prisoners bred the spiders inside of their cells. The prisoners then diluted the venom with water before injecting the risky cocktail. And if that is not enough, a fully-grown cannabis plant was found in a nearby prison. At least the spider venom junkies used their imaginations.

Could spider venom help improve a person’s health when suffering from a particular medical condition? Have any animal venoms been approved for medical use?





How Insects Could Save The Environment | Free New Jersey Pest Inspection

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Humans consume and waste a whole lot of food. Anybody that has ever worked in the restaurant industry will agree that people have a tendency to throw away a lot of food. Naturally, there is some environmental concern about the consequences of throwing away as much food as we do. Some researchers believe that by letting bugs feast on our food waste we can reduce the negative impact so much garbage has on the ecosystem. If you are dealing with bugs or insects you can contact us today for a free New Jersey Pest Inspection

New Jersey Pest Inspection

A researcher, Phil Taylor, from the University of Colorado at Boulder is one of the few that is starting a company that is based around the idea of using insects to break down food. Taylor uses the larvae of black soldier flies to break down food. The larvae of the black soldier fly is known for being ravenous, and is the ideal candidate for breaking down mass amounts of food. The researchers and entrepreneurs involved with these business projects are hoping to use the insects for animal feed once the insects are at the end of their lifecycle.

Do you think that insect based animal proteins offer more nutrients than soybean based animal feed?