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New Jersey, Prepare Your Homes…Spring is Coming

Filed under: Pest Control,Spring Pest Control — admin @ 12:29 pm March 15, 2016

Every new season in New Jersey brings an influx of insect pests to deal with. Due to rain showers, and the resulting flowers, the warmer spring days see pest activity significantly increasing, often inside of our homes. Spring is the time of year when over-wintering pests emerge from their hiding places to reproduce. Expect to see wasps, roaches, silverfish, scorpions, spiders, mites, earwigs, millipedes and pill bugs to become more active as their populations multiply.

Common New Jersey Spring Pests

New Jersey residents love the sunshine and warmth that accompanies spring — unfortunately, many varieties of household pests enjoy the warmer springtime temperatures as well. Here is an overview of some of the most common fair-weather pests you may find yourself dealing with:

Carpenter AntCarpenter Ants

Wood-destroying insects, these pests emerge in the springtime to forage for food. They swarm to reproduce, are attracted to damp wood, and their elaborate tunnels between food sources and nests will cause damage to your home, particularly attacking areas that suffer from moisture issues.


These silent destroyers cause more home and property damage each year than all storms and fires combined. During spring months the winged alates are often seen swarming in large numbers, reproducing and starting new colonies.

Carpenter Bees

Another wood-destroying pest, Carpenter bees bore into wood surfaces such as the fascia trim of your home, causing unsightly holes and possible structural damage if not treated.


While roaches don’t cause structural damage to your home, they cause hygiene problems and can spread disease. These unpleasant pests love moist environments, and typically congregate in food prepping and serving areas. Visual confirmation of one roach is a good sign there are plenty more lurking.

Preventing New Jersey Spring Pests

While year round pest control service will certainly help reduce their numbers, there are a few things you can do around your house to prevent intrusive spring pests from bothering your home and family. Here are a few of our best pest prevention tips.

  • Inspect window screens around your home; repair or replace any torn screens
  • Inspect your home’s exterior foundation for openings or cracks insects can squeeze through; seal possible entry points with pest proofing or caulk
  • Trim tree branches, bushes and shrubs touching your home to remove possible pest bridges
  • Redirect water away from your home’s exterior
  • Keep appliances and dining, prepping, and serving areas clean

The best way to minimize a pest invasion this spring is by protecting your home in the fall with an outdoor treatment to reduce pests from coming back season after season. For more information about New Jersey Spring Pests, contact NJ Pest Control experts at 888.612.2847 today.