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A Centipede Stalks First-Class Passengers | New Jersey Pest Control

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A Centipede Stalks First-Class Passengers | New Jersey Pest Control

A bunch of rich people riding in first class aboard an airline recently got the scare of their lifetimes when a giant, ugly centipede made its presence known. The centipede was first discovered onboard when it tried to crawl up the leg of a first class passenger. The passenger then brushed the centipede off of its leg, and it scuttled away underneath some seats, and that is when panic ensued.

The ten centimeter centipede likely found its way onto the plain via passenger carry on luggage. Once the plain arrived at its destination, it was promptly killed by quarantine inspectors. An official with border authorities took this recent scare as an opportunity to educate people on the importance of checking their bags for any foreign invaders before stepping onto an airplane. If the centipede had not been destroyed upon arrival in New Zealand, then the centipede may have proliferated and could have caused disaster to New Zealand’s agricultural industry.

Do you think that incidents like the one described in the article is the primary way that insects invade foreign soil?



Missiles Laced With The Zika Virus Could Become A New Warfare Tactic | Pest Control New Jersey

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Missiles Laced With The Zika Virus Could Become A New Warfare Tactic |Pest Control New Jersey Pest Control New Jersey

It seems that there already exists a variety of ways to kill people, but spreading disease as a method of fighting wars is not something new to humanity. The term is “biological warfare,” and this form of warfare, although not yet perpetrated on a large scale by any government body or terrorist organization, is generally agreed upon by experts to result in mass amounts of civilian deaths. However, For Pest Control New Jersey Call us today!

NATO commander and retired US Admiral, James Stavridis, is making public his concern over the use of such destructive weapons. If a missile that is laced with Zika were to be launched into a major metropolitan area, the world could see an epidemic that would be comparable to the Spanish influenza outbreak from the early 20th century. Imagine if any of these biological weapons wound up in the hands of terrorists. So thanks to mosquitoes, the world has been introduced to a more efficient method of mass killing.

Do you think that using insect-borne diseases as a form of warfare will become a source of even greater fear and anxiety than nuclear weapons?

The Arthropod That Is More Durable Than A Roach | New Jersey Pest Control

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If someone asked you which type of insect was the toughest of all insects, you might remember the cockroach as being a nearly indestructible organism. Actually roaches do not even come close to the durability of the tiny arthropod that is commonly known as a “water bear”. New Jersey Pest Control

Despite being only half a millimeter in length the water bear is generally recognized among experts as being among the most durable organisms that exists today. The water bear has been found in just about every type of environment that you could imagine. For example, these tiny bugs have been spotted thriving in freezing cold mountaintops, the rainforest, the arctic and even the deep sea. These bugs can obviously withstand extreme temperatures with no problem. In fact, the water bear can withstand temperatures ranging from -450 degrees Fahrenheit to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. If that is not impressive enough, the water bear can even survive a full ten years without food. I think it is fair to say that this bug will be around long after humans have left.

Can you think of any other animal/s that can build populations under any type of climatic condition?

Beer Can Now Be Made With Insects

Beer Can Now Be Made With Insects – Soon we may be seeing products such as “Bugweiser” at our local grocery stores. Researchers at North Carolina State University are working on a new method of beer making. The process is largely the same as normal beer production, but with a minor difference. The new beer being tested at the University includes yeast procured from bugs as one of its ingredients.

Researchers start the process by collecting wasps from the wild, and then they proceed to grind them up in order to extract all the usable yeast from their bodies. Once the yeast is extracted it is placed into a petri dish so that it may grow to the size necessary for brewing. Next the researchers take the yeast to a brewery to create and test out the new insect-inspired beer.

All those who have tasted the bug-brew have described its taste as being more sweet and tart than your typical beer. Although finding new methods of creating beer may sound like a noble academic pursuit to some, others may think that making beer does not need to be improved. However, the taste of the bug-brew seems to be universally praised.

Would you be willing to buy beer made from bugs if such a beer were to be less costly?

Popular Acrobatic Act Will Focus On Insects

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The world-renowned acrobatic act known as Cirque Du Soleil will be staging a new performance that focuses on the movements and the general physical nature of insects and spiders. The performance has been titled “Ovo”, and it will premier during the spring season of 2017.

A press release from the performance group described the upcoming insect-inspired event as showing the lifecycles, work and physical movement of spiders and insects in a manner that is meant to educate. The word “ovo” means “egg” in Portuguese, and this word was chosen as the title because the performance will begin with a single insect egg that hatches into hundreds of tiny and bustling insects.

The highlight of the show will include a high-flying act, in which performers operate together from ropes suspended from the ceiling. This is one example of the spider-like imagery to be expected from the show. Tickets go on sale in December.

Do you think that it is important to educate the public and the young about insects, and the benefits they provide for mother earth?



The Bugs That Will Be Eaten On Mars

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Humans rely on the earth for everything, most of all for sustenance. Therefore, astronauts traveling outside of the atmosphere must rely on food that they take from earth. When a trip to Mars takes six months to complete, you can see the logistical problems in carrying such a vast amount of food into space. In order to solve some logistical problems associated with massive food transport to Mars, NASA is now considering using insects as a primary source of minerals and nutrients for the astronauts traveling through space.

A settlement on Mars consisting of six people would require fifteen curiosity rovers to transport loads of food ever twenty six months. Every year each of the six settlers will need two thousand pounds of freeze dried food for sustenance.

Eating insects in place of freeze-dried food is considered the best option for sustenance. Crickets may work best since they consume discarded plant matter, they can be raised in high numbers and in small spaces in a matter of weeks. And they require very little water. It seems the worst part about traveling to Mars is not the six month trip cramped in a space shuttle cabin, instead it would be the two thousand pounds of insects I would have to eat each year.

If you were willing to be one of the few to volunteer to travel to Mars would your mind be changed if you knew that you had to eat a large amount of bugs for years on end?





Thank you Veterans!

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Thank you to all who have served!! 

For This Artist No Brush Is Necessary, Just Bugs!

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An artist by the name of Klaus Enrique has, like many people, an obsession with Star Wars. However, unlike many people, Klaus enjoys building replicas of Darth Vader’s mask using millipedes, moths, scorpions, and various flowers and plant life. So what is this guy’s deal? Why Star Wars? Why dead insects instead of, say, a brush or pastels?

The artist uses the largest millipedes and worms that he can find in order to construct cheekbones on his lifelike humanoid sculptures. What results is something that will give even the most hardcore individuals nightmares. However, Klaus is not the first person to have come up with the idea of creating works of art with bugs.

Another artist, Jennifer Angus, creates wallpaper using several different types of insects. Her wallpaper shows five thousand insects all arranged in geometric patterns. The creepy-crawly wallpaper is currently on exhibit at the Smithsonian’s Renwick Gallery in Washington DC. Oh! And unlike Klaus with his Darth Vader helmets, the bugs that Jennifer uses are alive!

Would you be willing to visit Jennifer Angus’s art exhibit even if you have a fear of insects and spiders? Do you think that visiting the exhibit can help alleviate fears of spiders and insects?