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The Spring Weather Means Many More Troublesome Bugs | Pest Control New Jersey

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The Spring Weather Means Many More Troublesome Bugs | Pest Control New Jersey

There is something about the spring weather that puts just about everyone into a good mood. However, the spring weather also brings with it many pesky bugs that you most certainly become annoyed with every year around this time. These bugs include flying wasps, black widows and invasive ants, just to name a few.

Flying wasps will attempt to make just about any location, no matter how impractical, their home. It is not uncommon to find wasp nests behind the side view mirrors on cars, and even beneath car door handles. Black widow spiders prefer to live in dark outdoor locations, which makes your mailbox the ultimate black widow pad. And ants, perhaps the most annoying of all spring insects, will often invade kitchens. Ants tend to appear in the same locations every year, which gives many people the unsettling impression that ants cannot be extinguished. Also, milder winters make spring insect infestations much worse.

Many experts believe that people wrongly assume that cold winters kill all insects, which is certainly not true since the colder regions of the world also experience problems with bothersome insects. But there is no doubt that the milder winters results in more insects popping up during the springtime. This is because warmer winters result in longer breeding times for insects and spiders.

The circulatory system of many insects contains substances that act like antifreeze. This obviously prevents insects from dying from the colder temperatures. Cat fleas, for example, will only die when they are exposed to temperatures that fall below thirty two degrees Fahrenheit. Also, many insects and spiders will survive the winter cold by simply taking refuge within warmer manmade structures. Although the spring may bring a larger variety of insects into your home and elsewhere, you can prevent infestations with proper insecticides as well as other effective extermination methods.

Have you ever experienced an insect infestation within your home? If you have, then what type of bug caused so much trouble for you?