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Have You Ever Seen A Squirrel Fly? | New Jersey Wildlife Removal

Filed under: New Jersey Wildlife Removal — Tags: — New Jersey Pest Control @ 3:58 pm January 30, 2017

Have You Ever Seen A Squirrel Fly?

Sure, you’ve probably seen a squirrel before, but have you ever seen a flying squirrel? These amazing little creatures are quite a sight. So, how does a furry mammal without wings or feathers manage to fly? Flying squirrels have a built in parachute in their bodies, and their flying is more similar to hang gliding than the kind of flying you see birds doing. Linking their arms and legs from their wrists to their ankles is a stretchy, thin membrane. Flying squirrels will leap from one tree top, stretch out their arms and legs to their sides, which opens up their body parachute, and glide through the sky, controlling their direction with their rudder-like tail. While that thin membrane helps them stay aloft, their tale helps them steer and brake. They basically turn into a living paper airplane.

These little critters look pretty amazing when you see them as they take aim from one tree, jump and spread out their arms and legs, and glide smoothly through the air to their next tree top destination. They look like very brave little creatures, leaping off trees with out actually having any wings, but they still have quite a lot they have to fend off out in the wild. While flying through the air helps them escape many land-bound predators, they still have to watch out for snakes, owls, and even wild cats. At least flying squirrels have a better escape plan then most other small mammals. They can always just jump for it.

Have you ever seen a flying squirrel in action? How far do you think they can glide in one shot?