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What Is The Difference Between Ants And Termites? |New Jersey Exterminating

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What Is The Difference Between Ants And Termites? |New Jersey Exterminating

So what is the big difference between an ant and a termite? They both live in colonies, and each organism has a queen ruling the roost. Well, yes, ants and termites are not at all the same; in fact, they are different in more ways than they are alike. However, to the layman, ants can be surprisingly hard to differentiate from a termite. As far as damage to your house and other possessions go, termites can really shake up your life. So both ants and termites are different in how much damage that they are capable of causing to homeowners.

When considering the ways in which ants and termites look completely different, then you will definitely want notice the difference in body shape between these two annoying creatures. The termite has a wide body, straight antennae and a noticeable pinched waist. They are well known for being dark colored, that is, black or brown. Flying termites, on the other hand, have two separate sets of wings, allowing the termite to steer itself in many different directions. The flying termite’s two sets of wings are the same shape.

Ants also have pinched wastes. Ants have antennae that are shaped like a bent arm, as though someone is flexing their bicep. An ants body can also be black, brown, or their bodies can often appear reddish. Much like flying termites, flying ants have two different sets of wings, but they differ in size.

Both ants and termites live in a well ordered, and some experts say an “advanced” caste system. And termites love wood of course. Termites can be found in anything from brand new dried to wood to, wet tree stumps and waterlogged branches from the forest. If you have to pick a bug to hate, then pick the termite because the ant cannot cause any structural damage, but the termite sure can.

Have you ever seen a flying termite?