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Cockroach Eating Contests Are A Thing, And They Can Be Tragic | New Jersey Cockroach Control

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Cockroach Eating Contests Are A Thing, And They Can Be Tragic |  New Jersey Cockroach ControlCockroach Control

Numerous people, in the past and present, have entered contests where they compete to see who can consume the most food. We have heard of pie-eating contests and maybe hotdog-eating contest, but what about insect eating contests, or more specifically, cockroach eating contests? I am sure that no prize in the world could get me to enter a roach-eating contest, but some people enter the contests just for fun. However, as one case from a few years back shows us, these roach-eating contests can be a deadly game.

Back in 2013 a man named Edward Archibald, died from what still looks to be a result of his vast consumption of roaches. Archibald died shortly following his win at a local roach-eating contest near Miami, Florida. However, no other contestants became sick. Not only that, but an entomologist, Michael Adams, claims that the consumption of cockroaches, no matter how many consumed, cannot result in a fatality. Whatever the cause may be, the tragic fact of Archibald’s death remains a source of grief for many people, but at least he won the contest.

Have you ever eaten a bug either deliberately or by mistake?


When Cockroaches Fly – New Jersey Cockroach Control Experts

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When Cockroaches Fly – New Jersey Cockroach Control Experts

If you ever see a bunch of big cockroaches flying through the air don’t worry, it is not judgment day, it is actually an ability roaches have always had. I have seen plenty of roaches, but I have never encountered one that I thought was going to suddenly start flying. So obviously roaches do just fine a majority of the time without using their wings to fly, but when do they fly? When humans are not looking?

Researchers have noticed that cockroaches will only fly when the temperature of their environment becomes as high as 80 or 90 degrees. For example, the New York City heat wave of 2016 made many exterminators small fortunes since many New York City residents could not handle the reality of the flying roaches. Naturally, if you were to encounter one of the most revolting creatures in existence flying towards you, then you would likely feel inclined to call the exterminator as well.

The experts know that there is a relationship between high heat and cases of airborne roaches. Insects are able to move their muscles better the higher the temperatures, and this is likely the only reason why roaches fly during high heat days. Apparently, roaches like showing off their muscles in much the same way as humans.

Have you ever encountered a flying cockroach? Is a flying cockroach the same thing as a palmetto bug?