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Bumblebees Learn To Play Football | New Jersey bee Removal

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Bumblebees Learn To Play Football | New Jersey bee Removal Experts

New Jersey bee Removal

You may think that insects are not particularly bright creatures given their tiny brain size, and you would be largely correct. However, a recent study has demonstrated that bumblebees cannot only learn to play football, but they can also teach other bumblebees to play as well. The bees could apparently learn how to score goals using a tiny ball.

In the study, the bees had to be placed on a platform where they were instructed to roll a ball to a specific location, or a “goal”, and once the bees successfully accomplished this task they were rewarded with a sugar solution.

Two different groups of bees were exposed to separate learning methods. Group one learned to roll the ball into certain goals by watching other bees complete the task, while the second group of bees took instruction from a demonstration showing how to score a goal. The researchers determined the first group that learned by example from other bees was the fastest at picking up the ability to play the game.

Do you think that bees are likely the most intelligent of all insects? Why or why not? Tell us in the comments section!