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Bedbugs Invade A University English Department | New Jersey bedbug Control

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Bedbugs Invade A University English Department|New Jersey bedbug ControlBedbugs Invade A University English Department | New Jersey bedbug Control

Not many university students would complain about a canceled class. After all, who would not want to go right back to sleep after learning that their early morning English class was cancelled? Many students from Florida State University rejoiced when English classes were recently cancelled. However, the classes were cancelled because of a bedbug infestation within the English building. This additional detail made some students wonder if they had picked up the bedbugs in class only to transport them to their homes later on.

At first only professors were warned that a bedbug infestation had been found, and then they were told that the bedbugs had invaded the entirety of the University’s English  building. Students were never sent emails, so their professors told them about the infestations. The email stated that a few bedbug related encounters had taken place already, and that extermination efforts have already been concluded. The email  went on to explain that more efforts would be undertaken in order to ensure that university buildings remain free of bedbug activity. The email was sent to faculty members by an “administration specialist” for the Department of English. The email ended by grimly asking the students to report any suspected bug activity to the English department’s front office. Students need to be “aware and be vigilant” when it comes to identifying and then reporting bedbug activity.

According to Professor Perry Howell, random bedbug sightings have been frequent since the initial weeks of the semester. Multiple students have come forth to describe different bug-related encounters. However, at the time, the bedbug presence was unknown, and school officials had no reason to panic. Some students at the university have taken it upon themselves to educate other students on how to prevent bedbugs from infesting in our homes. So far, no university students have complained about transporting bedbugs into their homes.

If you were attending classes in bedbug infested areas of a university would you have your home inspected for bedbugs just to be safe?