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Baby Possum Barely Survives After Rescue

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Baby Possum Barely Survives After Being Rescued | New Jersey Animal Control

Last fall a baby brushtail possum was found on the side of the road barely clinging to life. The small possum was found with a large wound located on the left side of its face. The baby possum was too young to have run away from its mother when it was found, which indicates that the baby was orphaned by its parents.New Jersey Animal Control

The deep wound on the side of the baby possums face turned out to be quite serious, as the cut was deep enough to expose bone. The baby possum weighed in at less than half a pound, which indicated that the possum was a mere five months old when it was found. The baby possum has since been named Tamala, and she has been very close to her new owner, who is also her rescuer. It is good to see that Tamala was raised with love and affection after all.

Have you ever rescued an animal from certain death?