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Mold Control – What You Need to Know

Filed under: Horizon Pest Control,Mold Control,Mold Extermination,Preventing Mold — Megan Howard @ 4:13 pm July 16, 2013

Mold is a collection of fungi and microorganisms that thrive in dark, damp areas. They are found pretty much anywhere you go and they serve an important purpose in nature: to help speed up the process of decay in dead or dying plants. Mold spreads through the release of airborne spores, and often end up in homes where they thrive in crawlspaces, under sinks, and in bathrooms.

There are more than 100,000 different kinds of mold, most of which are harmless to humans save for the occasional allergic reaction. The only mold known to cause serious harm to humans is the Black Mold, aka stachybotrys, but it can be identified and treated by a qualified mold control professional.

Mold on basement walls

Protection Against Mold

  • The best way to prevent mold is to prevent excess moisture.
  • Excess moisture often comes from leaking pipes and plumbing fixtures. Fix leaks as soon as you spot them; this has the benefit of saving you money on your water bill as well as preventing mold growth.
  • When building a home, make sure that the ground slopes away from the home so that water can’t pool or collect in the foundation.
  • Keep indoor humidity low. This is often a problem in basements, where the lack of ventilation coupled with the presence of plumbing fixtures, like water heaters and pipes, both contribute to high levels of humidity. Dehumidifiers are the most effective solution for these.
  • Air out and clean your basement as often as possible to reduce moisture buildup.
  • Appliances that produce moisture, like clothes dryers and stoves, should be vented outdoors whenever possible to reduce moisture buildup.
  • Air conditioners also have a dehumidifying effect. Use them to keep your home cool and and dry in the summer.
  • Be sure to wrap any cold pipes or coils in insulation so as to prevent condensation that can lead to excess moisture buildup.
  • Make sure that air conditioner drip pans are free to drain properly and are not clogged.

Why you should call a mold removal professional

  • Only a mold specialist can determine the kind of mold infesting your home. Many of the 100,000 different mold species look exactly the same, and the differences between each can only be seen with specialized equipment.
  • Professionals have access to the equipment needed to remove mold infestations safely, and without endangering themselves, others around them, or the rest of the home.
  • Professionals also have access to the substances needed to clean mold off of surfaces that can be cleaned.
  • Mold control professionals will be able to identify potential causes of mold, and advise you as to how they can be addressed.
  • Good mold removal companies can perform follow-up visits to ensure that the treatment has worked and can re apply treatments if it hasn’t.

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