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Insects Are Destroying The Most Majestic Trees In The United States

Insects Are Destroying The Most Majestic Trees In The United States

The trees of southern California are tall and beautiful, and these trees often serve as a symbol for the beauty of the California landscape. Sadly, there is no clear solution to the problem of tree infestation by insect pests. However, a Los Angeles plant pathologist, Jerrold Turney, sees hope for the future of southern California’s trees, literally, in fact.

During Turney’s commute to work everyday he sees a variety of healthy trees that have, apparently, not been negatively impacted by the presence of insect pests. According to Turney, nearly everywhere you look in the southern region of California shows dead or dying oleander trees, olive trees and liquidambar trees. Sycamore trees and plum trees die right off of the bat. The period of time that it seems to take for these popular trees to die is no time at all. There seems to be no chance of saving some trees, even if a solution to the bug infestation is solved. The depressing sight that Turney drives past daily robs southern California of its natural beauty, and insects are to thank for that.

Turney’s report on the state of California’s plant life is not completely dire. Actually there are several trees that seem to be surviving just fine. For example, gingoe’s, pink trumpets, pine trees, pepper trees and southern magnolias are surviving, but many are a bit damaged. However, there is no doubt that some trees are more susceptible to the insect pests than other trees. The devastation that has resulted from mass tree death in California is overwhelming, so city planners are hoping to repopulate the area with new trees. However, these cannot be the same types of trees as the ones dying now since they cannot stand up to insect abuse. However, some of the healthy trees that Turney mentioned could be possible candidates.

Now, many experts and novices are competing in order to locate the most durable and insect-proof tree in existence. Once a tree type is chosen for its strength, these new trees will be planted in place of the old dead trees. I suppose that is one way to solve a problem.

Which type of tree do you think can stand up to abuse from insect pests?