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Insect Warfare May Not Be A Matter Of Fiction

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Insect Warfare May Not Be A Matter Of Fiction

You may have seen a few movies or television shows that depict insects as an instrument of biological warfare, but have you ever wondered if such a thing could happen in real life? The idea is seemingly outlandish, but some experts believe that insect warfare could easily become a reality.

According to University of Wyoming Professor, Jeffrey Lockwood, during the cold war the United States government considered resorting to “entomological warfare” against Cuba. During the 1960s Cuba regularly accused the United States of attempting to spread dengue fever among Cuba’s populace. However, many experts dismiss these claims since Cuban government officials only accused the US of attempting this nefarious plot when Cuba’s crop production was less than adequate. Therefore, Cuba’s accusations should be taken with a grain of salt. Then again, Cuba is not the only country that has leveled these accusations at the US.

North Korea and China also accused the US of trying to release disease-carrying mosquitoes during the Korean War. And in 1996 Russia officially got behind Cuban accusations involving an American plot to spread disease amongst the Cuban population. This time a committee was formed to investigate that matter, but ultimately, no evidence of such a plot was ever found. Before you dismiss these claims as silly grand conspiracy theories, it must be taken into account that even if a past government had attempted biological warfare, it would have been easy to get away with as entomological warfare was, and is, difficult to prove. Making a distinction between a chance incident and a deliberate plan is next to impossible when it comes to entomological warfare. This was made clear when, during the 1980’s, Russia had exported wheat to the US that was infested with aphids.

The aphids ended up causing considerable economic damage in the US, but no foul play on the part of the Russians was proven. In the end, investigators concluded that the aphid infestation was accidental, and not deliberate. Although entomological has never been documented, you cannot help but to wonder about the origins of the Zika virus.

Do you believe that entomological warfare could be utilized in the future?