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Horizon Honeybee Project

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Horizon Honeybee Project

At Horizon, we believe it’s critical to be a responsible organization, and to comply with all the rules and regulations that we are governed by…and to go above and beyond them. We are not just a business, we are respectful and vigilant stewards of the environment.

Through the years, our founder always made it a point to give back to the community. This year we are proud to announce a new community project that we hope will grow with time. We are taking a different approach and trying something adventurous, perhaps a little unexpected, and most definitely outside the box.

As long as you do not live completely under a rock, you’ve probably heard that bee populations (along with other wildlife that is critical to pollination) are dwindling. They have reached an all-time low that has sent scientists and environmentalists reeling. This is sad and alarming news from an ecological perspective, and the consequences to us humans are quite dire. Why? Simply put, the volume of agricultural production dependent on pollination is huge. Its simple cause and effect: we need to keep our bees happy, healthy and thriving in order to keep ourselves fed.

Enter The Horizon Honey Bee Project.  In 2016, we sponsored one local bee keeper by providing him with 3 hives and supplies and taking on a 4th of our own.  This year, we have added 2 more local bee keepers, 5 hives, and also partnered with Rutgers Entomology Department Apiculture Course and the student club, “ The Hive, the Apiculture Society at Rutgers”  to supply them with 2 full hive setups and 2 colonies.  It’s a small but humble and meaningful start to what we hope will inspire others to get involved.

By spreading the word and sharing our journey, we aim to inspire curious and compassionate individuals, communities and organizations to do the same – and help our pollinators make a comeback.

This blog will serve as a space to talk about our apiaries, methodologies, updates on hive health and stay abreast of the very latest bee news, as well as strive to introduce new apiary additions to the Honey Bee Project. A long term goal is to harvest honey, wax and all the other bounty our bees work so hard to produce every year.

Live and let live. That goes for you, me, and every hardworking bee.

If you’re interested in getting involved in this buzzworthy initiative, please contact me or hit the link below.