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An Uncommon Parasitic Infection Is Becoming More Prevalent In The US

Filed under: Fly Control,Fly Control,Fly Control New Jersey,Fly Control NJ — New Jersey Pest Control @ 11:44 am December 1, 2016

An Uncommon Parasitic Infection Is Becoming More Prevalent In The US – Fly Control Expertsfly control NJ

This year the Zika infection reached United States soil and caused many Americans to fear for their lives. If Zika was not enough for you, there is now another insect-borne disease that is becoming more common in the US. The infection is called leishmaniases, and it occurs in over ninety countries around the world, but the United States almost never sees its citizens coming down with this infection.

Scientists believe that this parasitic disease is infecting more people in the USA as a result of ecotourism. The disease is increasing among American travelers who want to visit parts of the planet where ecosystems are conserved in their natural state. Unfortunately, this means that more disease spreading insects will be present in these types of undisturbed natural environments.

The parasite is spread by the sand fly. Most Americans contract this disease when traveling to Central and South America. The infection can be deadly, but a timely diagnosis can save lives.

Have you ever contracted an insect-borne disease? If so, what type of disease did you have?