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What You Should Know About Stink Bugs | Exterminator New Jersey

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What You Should Know About Stink Bugs | Exterminator New Jersey

Springtime is bed bug season, and due to the relatively high temperatures during this past winter, stinkbugs may be hard to miss this summer. Many of you know two things about stinkbugs–they stink, and they are categorized as pests. If you have ever stomped on a stinkbug, then you definitely learned why they have earned their unflattering moniker. In addition to stinking up your living room, stinkbugs also feed on one hundred different types of plants and crops. These plants and crops include apples, shrubs, and numerous different vegetables. And if that is not enough to make you hate these creatures, stinkbugs are often found inside of peoples’ homes as these creepy-crawlies have a preference for indoor environments. However, there is more to the stinkbug than what has been mentioned above.

Many people are surprised to learn that stinkbugs are not native to North America. Rather stinkbugs originated in Japan, China and Korea. However, during the 1990s stinkbugs were accidently imported to Allentown, Pennsylvania. Once stinkbugs arrived in America they multiplied like crazy since they have no natural predators to fear within North America. As of 2016 stinkbugs have been confirmed to exist in at least forty six different states; while just a year prior stinkbugs were found in only forty two states. That should give you an idea as to how problematic these pests have become to American farmers and gardeners.

During the year of 2014 the mid-Atlantic region of the United States reported stinkbugs as being a “severe nuisance, and damaging to a variety of different crops”. Stinkbugs cause scabs and bruises in tomatoes, apples and corn to name a few. The damage stinkbugs cause to different plants and crops is not necessarily extensive, but the damage is nevertheless severe enough to force farmers to discard mass amounts of agricultural products ever year. So knowing more about the damage stinkbugs cause certainly wont make you appreciate stinkbugs, but now you know what American farmers are up against.

Have you ever found a stinkbug in your home? Do you think the world would be better off without these stinky critters?