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Are There Any Bugs That Prey On Bedbugs? | New Jersey Bed Bug Control

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Are There Any Bugs That Prey On Bedbugs? | New Jersey bed Bug ControlNew Jersey bed Bug Control

These days there are a lot of stories in the media about alternative methods of pest control. One method, which is already being used in some parts of the world, involves killing insect pests by exposing their environment to their natural insect predators. If this is a viable option for insect control, then finding an insect predator that hunts and kills the dreaded bedbug would certainly be a relief. As it happens there does exist an insect that enjoys feeding on bedbugs. In fact, the insect predator is even named for its taste for bedbugs. The insect in question is referred to as the masked bedbug hunter. That is a pretty menacing title for an insect, but could these bugs be used as a means of ending bedbug infestations?

According to researchers from the Agricultural Sciences Department at Penn State University, the masked bedbug hunter, is, unfortunately, not a friend to humans. If the masked bedbug hunter is exposed to skin it will not hesitate to bite, and there are several reports of the masked hunter’s bite being extremely painful. If you find one of these bedbug hunters in your home, then you probably have a bigger problem than bedbugs.

Had you ever sustained a bite from a masked bedbug hunter? If you have, is the bite as painful as is commonly claimed?

How The New Tropical Bedbug Differs From The Typical Bedbug

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Many people have heard by now that a long lost species of bedbug has been found in Florida after a sixty year long absence. Many people are curious about these new bedbugs. The year 2016 has been such a bad year for bedbug victims that I cannot imagine how much worse it could have been if the tropical bedbug proliferated to other states. But is the tropical bedbug more bothersome and damaging or perhaps more resilient than any other type of bedbug? Especially the common bedbug?New Jersey Bed Bug Control

The tropical bedbug can spread much more rapidly than the common bedbug. This species could develop more quickly, spread offspring more rapidly and infest human living areas more quickly than the typical bedbug.

Nobody has seen these particular bedbugs since the 1930s and 40’s. Despite the tropical bedbugs long absence, a family from Merritt Island, a city located on the eastern coast of Florida, reported finding the tiny and bizarre looking creatures in their home in 2015, around seventy years after they were last reported being seen in Florida.

During recent years bed bugs have been making more and more unfortunate appearances in people’s lives. Pest control experts insist that the noticeable proliferation is due to pesticide resistant bedbugs. Despite this seeming dead-end, pest control experts are confidant that a new pesticide can be developed that would work quite effectively on common as well as more exotic bedbugs.

Would bedbugs be able to survive without the luxury of human hosts?