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Male Squirrels Remain Lazy While Females Do All Of The Work

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When it comes to finding a mate and having children, it is ideal to find a mate that will not saddle the other with all of the family’s duties and responsibilities. However, sometimes we will spot a couple where either the male or the female does not mind sitting around while their partner maintains the health and safety of the family unit. When it comes to humans, it could be both sexes or only one, or neither sex that chooses a life of laziness, but when it comes to squirrels, the males seem to be the lazier of the two sexes.

According to American researchers, male squirrels have a tendency to stay above ground all day lying about in the sun. Female squirrels, on the other hand, were observed to be significantly more active than their male counterparts. Not only did females not bask in the sun as often as males, but female squirrels also made it their duty to locate supplies and take care of the offspring. That is a pretty heavy workload for just one squirrel-parent.

Researchers from the United States recently conducted an experiment where several squirrels were monitored through an electronic tagging system. Each squirrel was outfitted with an electronic tracking-collar so that researchers could observe their activity levels. It turned out that females were more active than males, but one super active-male squirrel served as an outlier, which skewed the results in the male direction. However, this one single active male squirrel was twice as active as any other male observed. So this overly active male is something of an exception.

The researchers found that both male and female squirrels spent an equal amount of time above the ground, but the females moved around much more than the males. The males preferred to stay in once place, and while it is not clear how the stationary males spent their time, the researchers guessed that the males might be forming social bonds with other male squirrels. Either that or the males are sitting around drinking from old discarded beer cans in front of a pile of nuts.

What evolutionary reason could there be that could help explain why female squirrels are more active than male squirrels?




Scientists Use GPS Technology To Better Understand The Evolution Of Ferocious Bat Teeth

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Scientists Use GPS Technology To Better Understand The Evolution Of Ferocious Bat Teeth

There are a variety of different types of bats in the world. In fact, bats are one of the most well represented mammals on earth with over twenty thousand different bat species alive today. While many people may find themselves repulsed and/or terrified by any type of bat, some bats truly are more menacing than others. Some bats have long razor sharp teeth, other bats have teeth that are designed to facilitate the sucking of blood, and other bats have relatively flat teeth that are used mainly for chewing small insects. A recent study has used GPS technology to create a three dimensional map of bat-jaws. This new map is highly accurate and it is helping researchers learn more about the different feeding habits employed by different bat species.

Recently, a group of biologists from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst created a three dimensional map of a many different species of bat. This study was the first of its kind to use technology that is normally used to create topographic maps. However, this study created a topography of bat teeth. The group of researchers collected skulls belonging to seventeen different species of New World leaf-nosed bats. These bats are known for possessing a wide range of different bat-types that prefer many different foods. The research team was looking at the shape of the bats molars in order to understand their diets.

It turns out that the molars belonging to the fruit-eating species were sharp along the edges, but indented on the other side. These types of molars would be ideal for shredding through fruits. The bats with relatively flat teeth are known to prefer insects for sustenance. The flat teeth would work well to crush and grind an insect’s tough exoskeleton. There is still much research that needs to be done, but it is already clear to the researchers that this study will result in a better understanding of mammalian feeding systems.

Do you believe that the study would benefit from the inclusion of more bats than the ones used in the study?

Squirrels Were Once Strangely Absent From Our Neighborhoods | New Jersey Squirrel Control

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Squirrels Were Once Strangely Absent From Our Neighborhoods | New Jersey Squirrel Control

Imagine a world with no squirrels. It is hard to do. Ever since we were all kids we have been seeing squirrels run about town, mostly in residential areas. Seeing a squirrel is such a normal part of growing up, you never really wonder why it is only squirrels you are seeing, and not, instead, badgers or something like that. Well, once upon a time, before the Europeans founded America, squirrels were even more numerous than they are now. However, as construction thrived around the United States during the middle of the nineteenth century, the squirrels started disappearing on account of us taking their habitat. After several communities became established in America, people started to miss squirrels, so efforts were made to reintroduce squirrels into human living space.

The public’s need for more squirrels was a product of the fashions of the time. At the time it was fashionable to be reminded of nature while taking leisurely strolls outside. It was commonly believed during the middle of the nineteenth century that being reminded of nature, and avoiding too much inner-city stimulation was necessary to maintain one’s good health. To this very day we still see a squirrel every time we go to the park, and they don’t make me feel like I am keeping my sanity…

Have you ever consumed a squirrel for sustenance?