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Ancient Freakish-Looking Squirrel Used To Walk The Earth

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Ancient Freakish-Looking Squirrel Used To Walk The Earth

You probably see squirrels everyday, so you are well aware of what they look and act like. Americans are mostly familiar with the grey squirrel, but there are different types. However, squirrels do not differ much in their appearance; if you have seen one squirrel then you have seen them all. Then again, the world is a very old place, so what about squirrels that are extinct? Did they look like modern squirrels? Based on a new archaeological find in Argentina, the answer would seem to be “no”, they do not look similar.

A fossilized ancient mammal has been discovered in Argentina, and it is bizarre looking. The fossil shows the head of a now extinct rodent-like creature. Not only that, but this creature also has large fangs. This animal likely used its large teeth in order to hunt and chew insects. Researchers have determined the ancient rodent to be eight to nine inches in length. The new species has been named the Cronopio dentiacutus. This is the second oldest fossil ever found in Argentina, and the now fossilized animal was living amongst the dinosaurs. This gives researchers an interesting look into early mammalian life.

It took three years to remove the ancient rodent skull from the rock where it was encased. The technician that removed the skull was surprised by what he had seen. It looked like a squirrel skull with long sharp teeth. The scientists responsible for unearthing the ancient rodent have compared its likeness to the strange-looking squirrel in the movie Ice Age. Initially, researchers thought the animated critter looked ridiculous, but now it looks like science fact. According to the lead researcher, the skull along with the large teeth exposed on the skull, made the ancient rodent look like a canine, and this particular find was unexpected and only emphasizes how little scientists still know about the natural world.

Have you ever found a fossil that you had analyzed? If you have, what type of animal was in the fossil?



A Woodchuck And A Raccoon Are Rescued By A Few Good Samaritans

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A few days ago police officers in a rural part of America responded to a call about a car accident on the highway. Naturally the police officers dutifully reported to the crash site as quickly as possible. When the police arrived at the scene of the accident they learned that the driver had struck a woodchuck with his vehicle. Initially the woodchuck was nowhere to be seen, but then police officers looked underneath the car and found “Woody the Woodchuck”.

The woodchuck was understandably shaken with fear. The police knew that animal control would not reply to wildlife calls, so the police officers at the scene were forced to patch up an injured Woody. The police officers also stopped by another cop’s house in order to find some vegetables for Woody since he seemed undernourished. During their off-hours, two of the police officers arranged for Woody to recover at a Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

In other good news, a two-day-old raccoon was saved from certain death a few weeks back. A wildlife refuge known as WildCare has since taken the raccoon in for care. The raccoon was first discovered in a dilapidated shed. When the shed’s owner inspected the shed after finding its door opened he immediately noticed a group of little raccoons and one mother. That same night, the mother raccoon clearly became a little nervous about the safety of their location and attempted to relocate the family to a new den. The family did just that, but sadly one tiny female raccoon was left behind.

The raccoon was recently given back to her mom, but the mother raccoon clearly was not interested in taking her daughter back. Therefore, WildCare is going to foster the little raccoon for at least three months. Experts believe that in just a couple of months, the raccoon will be old and large enough to fend for itself.

Have you ever rescued an animal? If you have, what kind of animal did you rescue?

Squirrels Were Once Strangely Absent From Our Neighborhoods | New Jersey Squirrel Control

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Squirrels Were Once Strangely Absent From Our Neighborhoods | New Jersey Squirrel Control

Imagine a world with no squirrels. It is hard to do. Ever since we were all kids we have been seeing squirrels run about town, mostly in residential areas. Seeing a squirrel is such a normal part of growing up, you never really wonder why it is only squirrels you are seeing, and not, instead, badgers or something like that. Well, once upon a time, before the Europeans founded America, squirrels were even more numerous than they are now. However, as construction thrived around the United States during the middle of the nineteenth century, the squirrels started disappearing on account of us taking their habitat. After several communities became established in America, people started to miss squirrels, so efforts were made to reintroduce squirrels into human living space.

The public’s need for more squirrels was a product of the fashions of the time. At the time it was fashionable to be reminded of nature while taking leisurely strolls outside. It was commonly believed during the middle of the nineteenth century that being reminded of nature, and avoiding too much inner-city stimulation was necessary to maintain one’s good health. To this very day we still see a squirrel every time we go to the park, and they don’t make me feel like I am keeping my sanity…

Have you ever consumed a squirrel for sustenance?

Baby Possum Barely Survives After Rescue

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Baby Possum Barely Survives After Being Rescued | New Jersey Animal Control

Last fall a baby brushtail possum was found on the side of the road barely clinging to life. The small possum was found with a large wound located on the left side of its face. The baby possum was too young to have run away from its mother when it was found, which indicates that the baby was orphaned by its parents.New Jersey Animal Control

The deep wound on the side of the baby possums face turned out to be quite serious, as the cut was deep enough to expose bone. The baby possum weighed in at less than half a pound, which indicated that the possum was a mere five months old when it was found. The baby possum has since been named Tamala, and she has been very close to her new owner, who is also her rescuer. It is good to see that Tamala was raised with love and affection after all.

Have you ever rescued an animal from certain death?