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Raccoons Crash Through A Couples Roof

Filed under: Animal Control — New Jersey Pest Control @ 10:42 am June 14, 2017

Raccoons may not be spotted as often as squirrels, but you can bet that raccoons are everywhere. Raccoons are nocturnal creatures, so it makes sense that you don’t spot them around your home too often. But raccoons could be living within your home as you read this, and nobody knows that better than a man and a woman that experienced a family of raccoons crash into their living room. In fact, this past week was not the best week for raccoons around America. There was also an incident where a person brought a baby raccoon into a bar, with tragic results.

Imagine that you spent the day working hard, and all you could think about was getting home in order to lie down on your bed. However, you arrive home only to find a family of raccoons rummaging through your belongings. And if that is not enough, you also find that these raccoons left a big hole in your roof where they collapsed into your apartment unit. That is a lot to imagine, and this scenario may be hard to believe, but one couple actually fell victim to this exact circumstance.

The woman renting the apartment unit, Fernanda Gonzalez, had reported to the apartment managers that she heard strange sounds coming from her roof at night. Unfortunately, the apartment managers dismissed these sounds as squirrels rummaging about. However, once Fernanda arrived home, she learned, in the most frustrating way possible, that squirrels were not her problem. To make things worse, the apartment managers will charge her a heavy fee if she moves to another apartment complex. This particular incident occurred in Texas, but raccoons are everywhere.

Just one day after the raccoon-related mishap in Texas, a person brought one baby raccoon into a bar in western New York State. Sadly, health investigators later discovered that this one raccoon was a part of a family of thirteen baby raccoons that had been found abandoned nearby. Health investigators decided to have all the raccoons euthanized in order to prevent a rabies outbreak, but the raccoons had not yet been tested for the disease. But on a brighter note, the family of raccoons that fell through the apartment roof were released back into the wild.

Why do you think that health officials have to euthanize the raccoons before testing them for rabies? Why are some raccoons freed, while other stray raccoons are euthanized, even if no disease is detected?

Male Squirrels Remain Lazy While Females Do All Of The Work

Filed under: Animal Control,New Jersey Squirrel Control — New Jersey Pest Control @ 5:55 am June 13, 2017

When it comes to finding a mate and having children, it is ideal to find a mate that will not saddle the other with all of the family’s duties and responsibilities. However, sometimes we will spot a couple where either the male or the female does not mind sitting around while their partner maintains the health and safety of the family unit. When it comes to humans, it could be both sexes or only one, or neither sex that chooses a life of laziness, but when it comes to squirrels, the males seem to be the lazier of the two sexes.

According to American researchers, male squirrels have a tendency to stay above ground all day lying about in the sun. Female squirrels, on the other hand, were observed to be significantly more active than their male counterparts. Not only did females not bask in the sun as often as males, but female squirrels also made it their duty to locate supplies and take care of the offspring. That is a pretty heavy workload for just one squirrel-parent.

Researchers from the United States recently conducted an experiment where several squirrels were monitored through an electronic tagging system. Each squirrel was outfitted with an electronic tracking-collar so that researchers could observe their activity levels. It turned out that females were more active than males, but one super active-male squirrel served as an outlier, which skewed the results in the male direction. However, this one single active male squirrel was twice as active as any other male observed. So this overly active male is something of an exception.

The researchers found that both male and female squirrels spent an equal amount of time above the ground, but the females moved around much more than the males. The males preferred to stay in once place, and while it is not clear how the stationary males spent their time, the researchers guessed that the males might be forming social bonds with other male squirrels. Either that or the males are sitting around drinking from old discarded beer cans in front of a pile of nuts.

What evolutionary reason could there be that could help explain why female squirrels are more active than male squirrels?




A New Instagram Trend Has People Showing Off Their Pet Opossums

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A New Instagram Trend Has People Showing Off Their Pet Opossums

Well, it has been said before; opossums are homely creatures, plain and simple. You, like most people, probably regard opossums with disgust. Their razor-sharp teeth, black squinty eyes, creepy hairless tale, strangely shaped head, and rat-like body are just a few of the repellent features that belong to the near universally disliked marsupials. However, given the degree of hate that opossums receive, it is not hard to believe that maybe people exaggerate their dislike for opossums. But one thing is for sure; the idea of sharing a home with an opossum is unthinkable. However, there are some strange people in this world who keep opossums as pets, and these strange people are posting pictures of their pet opossums on Instagram, and this is becoming a new trend on the website.

If you are one of those who find opossums to be ugly, then you might change your mind after seeing some pictures of cute opossums on Instagram. One woman who posts regular pictures of her opossum all decked out in miniature clothing has thirty one thousand followers. This woman, like most opossum owners who are posting pictures of their pet opossums online, is firmly convinced that she did the humane thing by taking in a seemingly orphaned opossum. The opossum was found when it was a malnourished baby, and now the opossum, Sesame, walks on a leash and sleeps in her master’s bed.

Despite the fact that many of these opossum enthusiasts on Instagram are successfully caring for opossums, wildlife experts strongly advise all people to avoid adopting wildlife, such as opossums and raccoons. According to Marjan Ghadrdan, the director of animal care at the Atlanta Wild Animal Rescue Effort, if you find an opossum that looks like it needs help, then try to safely contain the opossum and notify animal-care providers.

Have you ever know someone who kept an opossum as a pet?

Punxsutawney Phil’s Rival Tragically Died | Animal Removal Experts

Filed under: Animal Control — New Jersey Pest Control @ 3:50 pm June 8, 2017

We have all heard of groundhog day before, and many of us are familiar with Punxsutawney Phil. Phil may not always be correct about the length of winter, but he is a national treasure nonetheless. However, the United States is not the only country that looks to a rodent for the weather forecast one day per year. Our neighbors up north also celebrate Groundhog Day ever February 2nd just like us. Although Punxsutawney Phil gets most of attention, many groundhog enthusiasts were saddened by the recent passing of Canada’s most treasured groundhog, Winnipeg Willow.

Winnipeg Willow has had a tough life. Five years ago Willow’s mother was attacked by a dog and killed. Willow was then left orphaned until wildlife rehabilitation workers found her and took her to an animal hospital for treatment. Despite being Canada’s most beloved groundhog, Willow lived a simple and quiet life at the rehabilitation center where she was taken after her rescue. This is the same animal rehabilitation center where Willow was pronounced dead.

Sadly, Willow died shortly before the Groundhog Day festivities were to begin in Winnipeg, Manitoba, but nobody in the United States heard about Willow’s death. In fact, the vast majority of Americans did not even realize that Canadian citizens celebrate Groundhog Day. However, Canadian citizens were more than familiar with Willow. Willow’s death was so tragic for the country of Canada, that the Groundhog Day celebrations were cancelled last February so that the country could mourn the loss of a national treasure.

Despite sympathies from many Americans, officials in Phil’s hometown of Punxsutawney insist that Phil is the official groundhog of Groundhog Day. The Groundhog Day festivities have been celebrated in Punxsutawney for over one hundred and thirty years. Punxsutawney Phil also has many rivals in his home country, but Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania will always be the definitive place to go for asking a rodent about the upcoming spring climate.

Do you think that Groundhog Day, and the attention it receives from around the world, makes people more sympathetic to struggling forms of wildlife?

Scientists Use GPS Technology To Better Understand The Evolution Of Ferocious Bat Teeth

Filed under: Animal Control,New Jersey Squirrel Control — New Jersey Pest Control @ 10:12 am June 7, 2017

Scientists Use GPS Technology To Better Understand The Evolution Of Ferocious Bat Teeth

There are a variety of different types of bats in the world. In fact, bats are one of the most well represented mammals on earth with over twenty thousand different bat species alive today. While many people may find themselves repulsed and/or terrified by any type of bat, some bats truly are more menacing than others. Some bats have long razor sharp teeth, other bats have teeth that are designed to facilitate the sucking of blood, and other bats have relatively flat teeth that are used mainly for chewing small insects. A recent study has used GPS technology to create a three dimensional map of bat-jaws. This new map is highly accurate and it is helping researchers learn more about the different feeding habits employed by different bat species.

Recently, a group of biologists from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst created a three dimensional map of a many different species of bat. This study was the first of its kind to use technology that is normally used to create topographic maps. However, this study created a topography of bat teeth. The group of researchers collected skulls belonging to seventeen different species of New World leaf-nosed bats. These bats are known for possessing a wide range of different bat-types that prefer many different foods. The research team was looking at the shape of the bats molars in order to understand their diets.

It turns out that the molars belonging to the fruit-eating species were sharp along the edges, but indented on the other side. These types of molars would be ideal for shredding through fruits. The bats with relatively flat teeth are known to prefer insects for sustenance. The flat teeth would work well to crush and grind an insect’s tough exoskeleton. There is still much research that needs to be done, but it is already clear to the researchers that this study will result in a better understanding of mammalian feeding systems.

Do you believe that the study would benefit from the inclusion of more bats than the ones used in the study?

Opossums Are Taking Over Brooklyn | New Jersey Wildlife Removal Experts

Filed under: Animal Control — Tags: — New Jersey Pest Control @ 9:02 am June 2, 2017

Opossums Are Taking Over Brooklyn | New Jersey Wildlife Removal Experts

New York City is well known for the many critters and creepy-crawlies that are sneaking around the streets. Rats and roaches are probably the two most talked about non-human occupants of New York City. Raccoons have also caused problems for some New Yorker’s and visiting tourists, but now it looks like a new wild animal is in the Brooklyn area, and these animals are opossums. Opossums have been causing quite the nuisance lately in Brooklyn. For example, opossums have been digging up people’s gardens, attacking dogs, and even teenage girls.

The thirteen year old daughter of a community board member nearly lost her life after she ran out into busy New York City traffic in order to avoid a strange looking animal, and this animal was, of course, an opossum. Wild opossums have also been found in Prospect Park, Bay Ridge, and Fort Hamilton.

One Coney Island council member is blaming the city of New York for not taking care of the growing opossum problem. This council member refers to the city of New York’s deliberate release of opossums in Marine Park and Gerritsen Beach. The city was hoping that by releasing wild opossums, New York City’s huge rat problem would go away. The city council must have figured that opossums would simply kill all of the rats. Instead it is now looking like the City of New York just created another wild animal problem. Strangely, the opossums that the city released in the city a while back were not supposed to become pregnant, but they certainly have. Now the city is trying to figure out how to get rid of the opossums before people start getting hurt as a result of their presence. The New York City opossums are reportedly brutal. One gardener working in a popular park told authorities that dead pigeons had been lying about, as well as several mutilated squirrel corpses. It seems like this story is just a step away from a Stephen King novel.

Have you ever been threatened or even attacked by an opossum?


The Tiniest Backyard Rodents in the World

Filed under: Animal Control — New Jersey Pest Control @ 3:48 pm May 31, 2017

You know what a normal possum looks like, and you’ve probably come across a mole or two in your time. But did you know that there are super tiny versions of these backyard rodents? Some of the smallest mammals in the world come from the possum and mole families. These mini versions of common rodents will probably make you want to hold one and cuddle the cute things as opposed to the normal response of disgust for the normal versions. Here are some of the tiniest backyard rodents in the entire world!

The pygmy possum clocks in at around 2 to 4 inches in length and a mere 10 to 45 grams in weight. These mini-possums are actually part of the marsupial family despite having little resemblance to other members like the kangaroo or wombat. In everything but size, these cute little critters are almost exactly like their larger counterparts. Pygmy possums are nocturnal and like to hang upside down from trees using their tails to hang on. When the temperature drops and winter arrives the pygmy possum will roll itself into a tight ball, using its ears to cover its eyes, and enters a temporary period of hibernation. Unfortunately, you probably won’t catch sight of one of these petite possums unless you travel abroad, as they are found primarily in Australia, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia.

One tiny backyard rodent you can find in the States is the American shrew mole. This miniature mole looks just like its larger cousin, with a long snout with a flattened tip emerging from their oval body, and sharp, pointy claws on its paws designed specifically for burrowing. However, this little critter weighs in at only 10 grams (approximately the same weight as two nickels) and is only 2 ½ inches long, with a tiny 1-inch-long tail to boot. While its larger mole cousins live most of their lives underground, tirelessly digging tunnels in an effort to create a massive underground labyrinth spanning the entire country (little did you know, it’s been the moles trying to take over all along), the American shrew mole comes out into the world above much more frequently, and can often be spotted by any wildlife enthusiast wandering above ground in search of food. They even hunt insects and can climb bushes to get them if they need to. These cute mini moles can be found in the forests of the northwestern United States.

Have you ever seen what looked like a really tiny version of another common backyard wild animal? Did you find out if it was really a completely different version of that animal?

Ancient Freakish-Looking Squirrel Used To Walk The Earth

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Ancient Freakish-Looking Squirrel Used To Walk The Earth

You probably see squirrels everyday, so you are well aware of what they look and act like. Americans are mostly familiar with the grey squirrel, but there are different types. However, squirrels do not differ much in their appearance; if you have seen one squirrel then you have seen them all. Then again, the world is a very old place, so what about squirrels that are extinct? Did they look like modern squirrels? Based on a new archaeological find in Argentina, the answer would seem to be “no”, they do not look similar.

A fossilized ancient mammal has been discovered in Argentina, and it is bizarre looking. The fossil shows the head of a now extinct rodent-like creature. Not only that, but this creature also has large fangs. This animal likely used its large teeth in order to hunt and chew insects. Researchers have determined the ancient rodent to be eight to nine inches in length. The new species has been named the Cronopio dentiacutus. This is the second oldest fossil ever found in Argentina, and the now fossilized animal was living amongst the dinosaurs. This gives researchers an interesting look into early mammalian life.

It took three years to remove the ancient rodent skull from the rock where it was encased. The technician that removed the skull was surprised by what he had seen. It looked like a squirrel skull with long sharp teeth. The scientists responsible for unearthing the ancient rodent have compared its likeness to the strange-looking squirrel in the movie Ice Age. Initially, researchers thought the animated critter looked ridiculous, but now it looks like science fact. According to the lead researcher, the skull along with the large teeth exposed on the skull, made the ancient rodent look like a canine, and this particular find was unexpected and only emphasizes how little scientists still know about the natural world.

Have you ever found a fossil that you had analyzed? If you have, what type of animal was in the fossil?



A Woodchuck And A Raccoon Are Rescued By A Few Good Samaritans

Filed under: Animal Control — Tags: — New Jersey Pest Control @ 1:39 am April 26, 2017

A few days ago police officers in a rural part of America responded to a call about a car accident on the highway. Naturally the police officers dutifully reported to the crash site as quickly as possible. When the police arrived at the scene of the accident they learned that the driver had struck a woodchuck with his vehicle. Initially the woodchuck was nowhere to be seen, but then police officers looked underneath the car and found “Woody the Woodchuck”.

The woodchuck was understandably shaken with fear. The police knew that animal control would not reply to wildlife calls, so the police officers at the scene were forced to patch up an injured Woody. The police officers also stopped by another cop’s house in order to find some vegetables for Woody since he seemed undernourished. During their off-hours, two of the police officers arranged for Woody to recover at a Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

In other good news, a two-day-old raccoon was saved from certain death a few weeks back. A wildlife refuge known as WildCare has since taken the raccoon in for care. The raccoon was first discovered in a dilapidated shed. When the shed’s owner inspected the shed after finding its door opened he immediately noticed a group of little raccoons and one mother. That same night, the mother raccoon clearly became a little nervous about the safety of their location and attempted to relocate the family to a new den. The family did just that, but sadly one tiny female raccoon was left behind.

The raccoon was recently given back to her mom, but the mother raccoon clearly was not interested in taking her daughter back. Therefore, WildCare is going to foster the little raccoon for at least three months. Experts believe that in just a couple of months, the raccoon will be old and large enough to fend for itself.

Have you ever rescued an animal? If you have, what kind of animal did you rescue?

Squirrels Were Once Strangely Absent From Our Neighborhoods | New Jersey Squirrel Control

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Squirrels Were Once Strangely Absent From Our Neighborhoods | New Jersey Squirrel Control

Imagine a world with no squirrels. It is hard to do. Ever since we were all kids we have been seeing squirrels run about town, mostly in residential areas. Seeing a squirrel is such a normal part of growing up, you never really wonder why it is only squirrels you are seeing, and not, instead, badgers or something like that. Well, once upon a time, before the Europeans founded America, squirrels were even more numerous than they are now. However, as construction thrived around the United States during the middle of the nineteenth century, the squirrels started disappearing on account of us taking their habitat. After several communities became established in America, people started to miss squirrels, so efforts were made to reintroduce squirrels into human living space.

The public’s need for more squirrels was a product of the fashions of the time. At the time it was fashionable to be reminded of nature while taking leisurely strolls outside. It was commonly believed during the middle of the nineteenth century that being reminded of nature, and avoiding too much inner-city stimulation was necessary to maintain one’s good health. To this very day we still see a squirrel every time we go to the park, and they don’t make me feel like I am keeping my sanity…

Have you ever consumed a squirrel for sustenance?

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