Using Ammonia to Kill Roaches

Roaches have always been a common household pest, but they are becoming more prolific in the New Jersey area. A roach infestation can be caused by a dirty home, but this is not always the reason for a roach problem. Sometimes the cleanest homes can have roaches, as they are just looking for a place to hide and something to eat. No matter the reason for the infestation, there are several methods for eradicating roaches. One common household remedy is ammonia treatments.

How to Treat With Ammonia

If you are attempting to remove roaches with ammonia, the recommended method is to mix one part ammonia with one part water, and put the mixture into a spray bottle. When you begin treatment, this ammonia and water mixture should be used to clean all floors, counters and other hard surfaces in the home. It should also be sprayed directly onto roaches, as it kills them within minutes. While this is a good way to clean your home, it is problematic with regards to treating a roach infestation. It must be sprayed directly on every roach and every one of their eggs in order to be effective.

Problems With Ammonia Treatments

Roaches hide inside walls, floors, ductwork and other places that are nearly impossible to get into. In addition, one roach infestation can involve thousands and thousands of roaches. It would take days of around-the-clock work to hunt down all of the roaches in your home. To add to the problem, a female roach lays about 50 eggs at a time, and these eggs can hatch in as little as a month, depending upon the temperature and other conditions in your home. It is impossible to keep abreast of an infestation when you are dealing with a pest with such astronomical reproduction rates.

Call a Professional

Roaches are one of the most difficult pests to get rid of, because they hide inside walls, floors and other areas that are difficult to reach. The most effective way to rid your home of a roach problem is to call a cockroach control professional. We can help. We have many years of experience with pest control. We use methods that are not only effective, but safe for people and pets, and one treatment guards against not only roaches, but 26 additional common household pests. Call Horizon Pest Control today at 888-617-6133 to learn more.