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Bumblebees Learn To Play Football | New Jersey bee Removal

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Bumblebees Learn To Play Football | New Jersey bee Removal Experts

New Jersey bee Removal

You may think that insects are not particularly bright creatures given their tiny brain size, and you would be largely correct. However, a recent study has demonstrated that bumblebees cannot only learn to play football, but they can also teach other bumblebees to play as well. The bees could apparently learn how to score goals using a tiny ball.

In the study, the bees had to be placed on a platform where they were instructed to roll a ball to a specific location, or a “goal”, and once the bees successfully accomplished this task they were rewarded with a sugar solution.

Two different groups of bees were exposed to separate learning methods. Group one learned to roll the ball into certain goals by watching other bees complete the task, while the second group of bees took instruction from a demonstration showing how to score a goal. The researchers determined the first group that learned by example from other bees was the fastest at picking up the ability to play the game.

Do you think that bees are likely the most intelligent of all insects? Why or why not? Tell us in the comments section!





The Former First Ladies Pet Raccoon Was A Big Hit In The Forties | Raccoon Removal NJ

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People are often times fascinated with the pets that celebrities and dignitaries keep in their company, and presidential pets are no exception. President Nixon’s cat was pretty popular among the American people decades ago, but it was former president Calvin Coolidge who had a pet that the American people could not easily forget. President Coolidge kept a raccoon as a pet, and that was after he decided not to eat it as a thanksgiving meal.

Via: http://cdn.history.com/sites/2/2016/11/Rebecca-2-E.jpeg

Via: http://cdn.history.com/sites/2/2016/11/Rebecca-2-E.jpeg

In November of 1926 president Calvin Coolidge received a raccoon that was destined for slaughter and the presidential dinner table. However, president Coolidge found the animal to be too cute to consume, so he decided to officially pardon the raccoon in order to allow it a free life.

The raccoon went on to become one of the more memorable white house pets, and Mrs. Coolidge was so well known for her animal rights activism that she often received animals from people who could not care for them. The first lady and the raccoon could often be seen outside playing together on the White House lawn. Think what you will of the current administration, but perhaps a pet raccoon would be good for Trump’s image.

Which presidential pet do you find to be the most notable or memorable, and why?

How Do Insects Choose A Mate?

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How Do Insects Choose A Mate?

When it comes to the dating scene how much importance do you place on the scent of the person you are out with? While you likely find certain odors to be a deal breaker, it goes without saying that humans are not nearly as driven by smells as stick insects are when it comes to the mating game.

A recent study carried out by researchers from the UK has determined that stick insects from the state of California can still use smells to accurately discern the genetic quality of a mate even when its physical features are obscured. This study is part of an eighteen year long research program aimed at better understanding what forces lie behind the formation of new species.

The researchers were interested in what factors keep organisms from avoiding interspecies mating, which is not typically advantageous for a species. It turns out that stick insects are able to discern members of their own species from outsiders based on their natural fragrance. Researchers believe that other animals likely use their sense of smell to choose appropriate mates, and not so much their visual systems.

Like stick insects, have you ever been knowingly aware that you found another person’s natural fragrance appealing?

A Blind And Orphaned Opossum Finds A New Family | Animal Removal New Jersey

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A Blind And Orphaned Opossum Finds A New Family | Animal Removal New Jersey

One day Georgette Renner and her husband were out walking around the neighborhood when they spotted a lone baby opossum being attacked by buzzards. Sadly, Renner had found that the baby opossum had sustained several injuries from the buzzards. The injured areas included her face, back and tail, and those were only the most severe wounds. Renner and her husband then started to treat the opossum, which they named Lucky, to baby formula, since he was still too young for more solid food, and the Renners treated Lucky’s wounds until they healed.

Later the Renner’s learned that Lucky’s mother was killed when Lucky was a newborn, so it is a miracle that lucky is alive today. The Renner’s claim that taking care of lucky is similar to taking care of a baby in that Lucky will cry for her milk formula, and she has to be fed twice an evening in order to fall asleep. Unfortunately, after Lucky’s wounds had all healed, she was still missing most of her vision, and for that reason Lucky is not safe returning to the wild. However, on the bright side, Lucky gets to spend a lot of time outside and she is probably receiving better care than she ever could have elsewhere thanks to the loving embrace of the Renners.

Have you ever spotted an injured animal outside? Did you do anything to help the animal?

Even Moles Deserve a Little Love on Valentines Day | New Jersey Wildlife removal

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Even Moles Deserve a Little Love on Valentines Day

For the most part when you hear someone talking about moles, they don’t describe them in a very flattering light, painting them as terrible lawn pests. Now, it is true that moles do love to dig dozens of tunnels all around your yard, especially at this time of year, but they’re not all bad. Moles do have some good qualities and things they do that help nature and us in return. So, at this time of love and good cheer let’s give a little love to moles.

Did you know that moles are actually pretty good at helping you with pest control? Moles are really big eaters, as in they eat anywhere from 25 to 100 percent of their weight in food every day.  Most of what they are eating is grubs and earthworms they dig up while tunneling away. Many of the grubs and earthworms they eat are really bad for your garden and yard, destructive pests that can spell death to your plants.

Even their tunneling actually helps the environment. By moving tons of the soil every year, they are aerating it, which is really good for plants. They also help fertilize the ground with their mole doo doos.

Moles have even made their way into classic literature. “Mole” from the 1908 classic novel “Wind in the Willows” is the first character in a book to ever be a mole. And moles are littered throughout mythology and folklore, generally depicted as main characters in numerous folklore traditions that are strong and help protect the earth. I’d say these funny little creatures deserve a second glance. They appear to be more than simple pests.

Have you ever seen tunnels dug by moles in your yard? Did what I taught you here make you like moles just a little bit more?

Possums Have Hitched Rides On Subways For As Long As Subways Have Been Around | Wildlife Removal New Jersey

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Possums Have Hitched Rides On Subways For As Long As Subways Have Been Around | Wildlife Removal New Jersey

Anybody who has ever visited New York can tell you that you will certainly see something you have never seen before on, at least, a weekly basis. Not too long ago a few early-bird New Yorkers noticed they were sharing their subway with a furry possum. The possum had apparently boarded the train from its Coney Island Terminus.

Obviously, finding a possum on a subway train is a strange and unusual sight. One reason why this incident is so unique is because possums are typically tree-dwelling animals. They do not typically burrow into the ground unless they need a heated shelter. On the other hand, the possum is nomadic animal, so its preference for traveling through Brooklyn at high speeds is certainly understandable. The possum only got off of the subway after officials had been trying to coax it off for some time. Neither the transit authority nor the police department keeps records of such incidents, but both authorities say that this recent situation is unheard of.

Have you ever caught some wildlife hitching a ride with you while you were traveling?

Possums Are Likely More Unique Than You May Think | Animal Control Experts

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Possums Are Likely More Unique Than You May Think | Animal Control Experts

Nuisance Raccoon

There are plenty of wild critters that people find cute and adorable. For example, raccoons are normally thought of as endearing, especially when they are babies. However, for some reason, possums do not get the love and affection that a raccoon often gets from people, but what gives? Why do people think possums are so repulsive? And what can possums do that other mammals cannot?

For one thing, you probably should regard raccoons and other wildlife as being more dangerous than a possum. This is because possums, unlike raccoons, have an immunity to rabies. So possums do not spread diseases like rabies, or at the very least, it is highly unlikely. Even your own dog is more likely to have rabies than a possum. More specifically, possums are eight times less likely to be carrying rabies than domesticated dogs.

Amazingly, possums even have an immunity to snake bites that can cause paralysis and even death in human beings. The rattlesnake, the cottonmouth and other pit vipers possess strong venom, but not strong enough to phase a possum. So the next time you see a possum, take a closer look, because they are pretty adorable.

Have you ever spotted a possum in the wild? Were you afraid of it? How did it behave in your presence?

Squirrels Were Once Strangely Absent From Our Neighborhoods | New Jersey Squirrel Control

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Squirrels Were Once Strangely Absent From Our Neighborhoods | New Jersey Squirrel Control

Imagine a world with no squirrels. It is hard to do. Ever since we were all kids we have been seeing squirrels run about town, mostly in residential areas. Seeing a squirrel is such a normal part of growing up, you never really wonder why it is only squirrels you are seeing, and not, instead, badgers or something like that. Well, once upon a time, before the Europeans founded America, squirrels were even more numerous than they are now. However, as construction thrived around the United States during the middle of the nineteenth century, the squirrels started disappearing on account of us taking their habitat. After several communities became established in America, people started to miss squirrels, so efforts were made to reintroduce squirrels into human living space.

The public’s need for more squirrels was a product of the fashions of the time. At the time it was fashionable to be reminded of nature while taking leisurely strolls outside. It was commonly believed during the middle of the nineteenth century that being reminded of nature, and avoiding too much inner-city stimulation was necessary to maintain one’s good health. To this very day we still see a squirrel every time we go to the park, and they don’t make me feel like I am keeping my sanity…

Have you ever consumed a squirrel for sustenance?

Do Raccoons Hibernate During The Winter? | Raccoon Control New Jersey

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All mammals are united in their distaste for sleeping in environments that are too warm, and this is due to a layer of fat that serves as insulation from cold temperatures. Humans can understand the “layer of fat”, since we retained that trait, but very few humans can understand how hot it must get when being coated in fur…unless you happen to be an extremely hairy guy, of course. For a raccoon, even temperatures that hover over the freezing point can be warm enough to wake raccoons from their wintertime snooze. Raccoon Control New Jersey

Obviously, since raccoons can become conscious after long bouts of deep sleep and during the middle of the winter, raccoons don’t hibernate in the way that you may think. Raccoons, like black bears and skunks, experience a type of wintertime slumber known as carnivorean lethargy.

Just before autumn, and before raccoons enter a long sleep, raccoons will eat unusually large quantities of food in order to, basically, make themselves fat. These fat deposits are then used as an energy source that sustains the long-sleeping raccoons. However, in more and more cases, and in large part due to rising global temperatures, more raccoons are being disturbed from their annual slumber-fest. Once these raccoons awaken, they go looking for food. However, they can cause damage to property, or just become a public nuisance in general, which is a situation that would never occur if only raccoons could just stay cool…while sleeping during the wintertime.

Have you experienced any raccoon related troubles, such as rummaging through trash that occurred during the winter months?


What Can Groundhogs Do, Besides Predict The Weather? | New Jersey Wildlife Removal

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What Can Groundhogs Do, Besides Predict The Weather? | New Jersey Wildlife Removal

Believe it or not, groundhogs are fascinating creatures. Their purported ability to predict future weather patterns seems dubious, but that does not mean that the groundhog does not possess any real abilities that are worth bragging about. Such impressive abilities include their intricate underground tunnel systems as well as their unique form of hibernation.

Groundhogs have complicated burrowing systems with tunnels, chambers, and several entrances. The main entrance to their underground world is usually located under a tree stump.

One of the most interesting aspects of a groundhog’s life is the way in which it hibernates during the late fall and winter months. Most hibernating animals only go through varying stages of hibernation, and most do not remain unconscious for the entire winter season. However, groundhogs do remain in a state of complete hibernation within their underground burrows for the entirety of the winter. The pulse of  a hibernating groundhog can go from one hundred beats a minute to only fifteen beats per minute, thus allowing its metabolism to slow for the long winter rest.

Have you ever spotted a entrance to a groundhog burrow at a tree stump?



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