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Using Ammonia to Kill Roaches

Filed under: Cockroach Control — admin @ 2:34 pm September 22, 2015

Cockroach ControlRoaches have always been a common household pest, but they are becoming more prolific in the New Jersey area. A roach infestation can be caused by a dirty home, but this is not always the reason for a roach problem. Sometimes the cleanest homes can have roaches, as they are just looking for a place to hide and something to eat. No matter the reason for the infestation, there are several methods for eradicating roaches. One common household remedy is ammonia treatments.

How to Treat With Ammonia

If you are attempting to remove roaches with ammonia, the recommended method is to mix one part ammonia with one part water, and put the mixture into a spray bottle. When you begin treatment, this ammonia and water mixture should be used to clean all floors, counters and other hard surfaces in the home. It should also be sprayed directly onto roaches, as it kills them within minutes. While this is a good way to clean your home, it is problematic with regards to treating a roach infestation. It must be sprayed directly on every roach and every one of their eggs in order to be effective.

Problems With Ammonia Treatments

Cockroach ControlRoaches hide inside walls, floors, ductwork and other places that are nearly impossible to get into. In addition, one roach infestation can involve thousands and thousands of roaches. It would take days of around-the-clock work to hunt down all of the roaches in your home. To add to the problem, a female roach lays about 50 eggs at a time, and these eggs can hatch in as little as a month, depending upon the temperature and other conditions in your home. It is impossible to keep abreast of an infestation when you are dealing with a pest with such astronomical reproduction rates.

Call a Professional

Roaches are one of the most difficult pests to get rid of, because they hide inside walls, floors and other areas that are difficult to reach. The most effective way to rid your home of a roach problem is to call a cockroach control professional. We can help. We have many years of experience with pest control. We use methods that are not only effective, but safe for people and pets, and one treatment guards against not only roaches, but 26 additional common household pests. Call Horizon Pest Control today at 888.612.2847 to learn more. 

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When Should You Call a Pest Exterminator

Filed under: Pest Control — admin @ 2:08 pm September 18, 2015

Pest ExterminatorAt some point in time, every homeowner is going to experience problems with bugs, rodents or some other nuisance. In some cases, you can handle the problem yourself. In other cases, it’s in your best interest to hire a professional exterminator.

Do It Yourself Solutions

You can typically go to a home improvement or building supply store and buy pesticides or poisons to eliminate an immediate problem. It requires following the product instructions for safety and environmental concerns because you don’t want to spill toxins on or around your home. Usually you would only want to use a do-it-yourself solution as a one time deal. If a rodent takes up residence in your outbuilding or garage, or bugs are overrunning your yard, it’s not necessarily difficult to handle the problem.

Professional Extermination

If you have an ongoing problem, a professional exterminator is a better solution. They can use milder solutions to treat against insects without damaging your lawn, and more humane methods of dealing with rodents or wildlife. A professional solves these problems on a daily basis and understands how best to handle the situation. There are ways to aim the solution at the actual pest and not harm your pets. Preferred catch and release methods require equipment typical homeowners don’t have access to but allow you to rest assured you didn’t harm the animal. Further considerations are eco-friendly solutions professional exterminators use for insect control that is safe with repeated use around your house.

Regular Maintenance Plan

A benefit of a professional extermination services is a regular maintenance plan. The exterminator will determine the needs of your home and develop a scheduled plan for prevention. You’ll realize the benefits of a regular maintenance plan when you consider most nuisances are better prevented than having to deal with them after they occur.


Consider the use of a pest exterminator to make your life easier. For most laymen, the idea of treating an insect infiltration or dealing with a feral rodent is not very appealing. The professional knows how to deal with the problem safely, efficiently and humanely. Rather than having an ongoing problem, you can trust the professional will be able to find a solution and finish the job with one solid effort.


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Prepping Your Home For Fall Pests

Filed under: Pest Control — admin @ 1:54 pm September 15, 2015

Fall Pest ControlSadly, summer is drawing to a close, and you might welcome the lack of mosquitoes and flies that have seemed to have designated you to be their new best friend. However, you’re still at risk for other creatures to find their way into your homes, if not your hearts. Try doing these things to prevent any unwanted pests from entering so you can stop trouble before it starts.

Check Your Holes and Shut Your Door

These little guys are sneaky and they can fit through even tiny cracks like you wouldn’t believe. Foundations, windows, chimneys, vents: they’re all just potential portals for mice and rats. My family once had raccoons living in our vents, so it definitely happens. This piece of advice one may seem pretty obvious, but make sure you close your doors! If you don’t have pets or small children, then you might be used to leaving the door open if you’re just running outside for the mail or to the garage. Stop doing that. Seal everything off like it’s Fort Knox, and you’ll stand a much better chance of staying safe this winter.

Crawl Spaces, Basements and Attics

Keep these clean and check them often as they’re favorite places for rodents. If there are any holes there, make sure you close them up. You’ll often be able to hear scurrying and such between the walls or upstairs, so if all is quiet then that’s a good sign. Keeping up with these places can save you a whole lot of time later on if you actually do get an infestation.

Fall Pest ControlRooves, Trees and Vermin

Jumping is not just something that humans can do, it’s open to creatures of all sizes. Some of the craftier ones can hop onto your roof and get into your home that way. Besides making sure there are no holes in your roof, you can also keep your branches trimmed that may overhang close to your roof. Don’t even give them a chance to get into your home!

And Just In Case

If all of your well-meaning efforts fail, then give NJ Pest Control a call. We offer a free inspection, and have the experience to quickly get your home back to having just humans reside within the walls.

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Termite Control for Your Home

Filed under: Termite Control,Termites — admin @ 5:56 pm September 11, 2015

Termite Control

Termites are scary because they can make light work if your home in just a short amount of time. They eat a lot, and the costs of their hunger add up in a lot more ways than just lost money to rebuilding.

Swarming is not a pleasant thing to think about, but it’s the best way to tell if you have termites. They’re mostly quiet, so don’t expect to hear them gnawing away within your walls. Swarms don’t happen for very long, but if you do find a pile of wings very near or within your home (most likely the basement or crawl space), then it’s likely from termites. You may also see tiny mud tunnels around your walls, which basically leads the termites back to food (the wood in your home.)

Termites are most often found during construction and inspections, often too late for people who are unknowingly trying to sell or buy an infested home. It’s understandable that people miss termites, but it still means that the damage will have to be dealt with. If you find any type of hollowed out wood in your home, then that’s obviously another red flag.

So what can be done about this? There are things that you can do with chemicals to pre-treat your home or to place baits around the outside of your home to lure the termites to them so that they feed and die. Chemicals can be dangerous and don’t last for longer than a few years, so it’s recommended that you approach that solution with great caution. The baits may not be enough to get them to leave your often much more inviting home, but the technology for baits is getting better every year.

You can also call the professional termite control companies if the problem has already progressed to the point where you can’t handle it anymore. Horizon Pest Control has been handling them for quite some time, and they have the expertise to stop them fast. Millions of termites live in a colony, so it’s understandable that they’re a lot to deal with (for anyone.) Termites can happen to anyone, but being more aware and on top of prevention can help save you from a nightmare.

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