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Top 10 Most Popular Pests in New Jersey

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New Jersey has amazing weather to help plants and vegetables grow. The same climate helps a slew of insects and pest to thrive. Here is a list that all residents should be aware of and how to protect themselves.

New Jersey Pest ControlBed Bugs

Bed bugs are seen as a growing problem for homes, hotels, dormitories, and all types of dwellings. Bed bugs can successfully breed in different environments and situations. These bugs can enter your home as stowaways when infected luggage, furniture and bedding has been moved into a new home, especially with second hand furniture. Bed bugs can survive for many months, even without a host to feed, and they can move from apartment to apartment through hollows in walls and holes.

These pests feed on their hosts while they are asleep by injecting a small amount of their saliva into the victim’s skin. The more these bed bugs feed on their host over a period of weeks, and the more the host becomes aware of the bites, the more the host will develop mild to intense allergic reaction.


Also known as silent destroyer, these termites can secretly hide and flourish in your property without the signs of danger. Since termites consume cellulose-based plant materials, regardless of the construction type of your home can provide food that may lead to termite infestation.

Termites are social insect and can form large nest or colonies that consist of very different looking castes. The largest member of the colony is the queen. Her role is to lay eggs with the king by her side. Their colony also consists of soldiers that have large heads with powerful jaws that squirts liquid. The largest group in the colony are the workers. Their job is to tend to the queen, continuously build the nest, and gather food.


Ants are beneficial insect since they help in eliminating real pests such as fleas and bed bugs. Problem occurs when they start crowding your kitchen. Ants are easily attracted by the food, water and shelter your home provides. Ants also are social insect and are likely to live in underground colonies, made up of workers and a queen. In some cases, these ants can create colonies inside a home, which can cause destruction of the wood structure.

New Jersey Pest ControlStink bugs

Stink bugs affect a huge variety of plants and attacks on fruits such as apples, figs, citrus fruits and more. They are an agricultural pest since they create losses in some orchards by damaging the produce like corn, beans and peppers.


Some species of cockroaches invade human dwellings and are known as pests while others are still beneficial to the environment since they work in recycling decaying organic materials. When cockroaches invade a home, they can pose a threat to the people who are dwelling in it. This pest can be vectors of many diseases since they are usually found near garbage or in the kitchen and bathroom.

Cockroaches prefer to live where they can easily find food, warmth and moisture, which is why they are typically become established in homes, food service establishments, and other structures in New Jersey. Once these roaches become established in a warmth and moisture area, they will continuously breed and produce several thousand of offspring if they are not immediately controlled.


Ticks are often found near wooded and highly vegetated areas and commonly feed on the blood of mammals, birds and reptiles. Most homeowners worried about their pets since they can easily get contracted with ticks. There are four stages in a tick’s life cycle that starts from egg, larval, nymphal and adult. They need to consume blood during all these stages. Pathogens that cause diseases in the animals they infect, can be given through the stages of the life cycle of the tick. Signs of a tick infestation can include seeing the ticks themselves, or having medical symptoms from diseases or fluids transmitted by ticks.

New Jersey Pest ControlRodents

Rodents can damage properties, contaminate food and transfer diseases to people and animals. The rodent family is diverse, which includes mice, rats, squirrels, gophers, voles, gerbils, beavers, and the likes. Their biology and habits can make them challenging to control, thus creating a more challenging problem to a home.

Rodents are known as rapid breeders, and some species can even breed all year-round. Their body is capable of squeezing through spaces that seems to be much smaller for them. Rats and mice in particular can bring destruction both in agricultural activities and for home dwellers. Their feces and urine can contaminate surfaces as they come into contact.

Fruit Fly

Fruit flies in New Jersey attacks a wide range of fruits and fruiting vegetables. Fruit flies can be a great nuisance for home gardeners and homeowners, if they are left uncontrolled. Their population tends to build during the summer and will they become plentiful during harvest time. Fruit flies that are found indoors can be found all year round.

Stinging Insects

Stinging insects such as yellow jackets, wasps, and hornets are also found in New Jersey. After they have created the largest nest possible all summer, they will have difficulty in finding food as their population grows. These stinging insects will go constantly outside their nest to find food. During this time, their colony will become hostile, which makes controlling them difficult and dangerous.


Mosquitoes are a known nuisance not just in New Jersey, but all over the world. They can bring diseases, and are also known to cause death to their victims. For mosquitoes to breed, they need stagnant water, slow moving water, on moist soil, or leaf litter where water is collected to lay their eggs. It is necessary to control these repelling mosquitoes to enjoy life indoors and outdoors.

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Happy Customer Review Card!

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Horizon Pest Control Client Review Card

Horizon Pest Control Client Review Card

Termite InfoGraphic from Horizon Pest Control

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Horizon has proudly put customer service first for 44 years and we’re excited to share the feedback we get form our clients. Below are real reviews from real customers. Customer Review Card

Happy Client Review!

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Horizon Pest Control has lived by the motto, “Let Our Family Take Care of Yours” for over 44 years. This is not just something we say, we do it and we follow it up by asking our clients how we’re doing with review cards. We are very proud of the feedback we receive from our clients that we want to share it with the world. Below are a couple of reviews we received.


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Client Review Card