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Have You Lost Money Because of Termite Infestations?

Filed under: Termites — Tags: — Megan Howard @ 10:48 pm March 31, 2012

Termites can have a devastating effect on the resale value of a house. Imagine this situation: You have a termite infestation in your house that you knew nothing about. You house is appraised at a decent price and you feel this is the time to sell. A prospective buyer gets a termite inspection and find an infestation in your framing and drops your asking price immediately.

Now it is unlikely you’ll have a full blown termite inspection and not know about it. There are signs of dirt hills and sawdust around wooden fixtures in your house. But the point of that story is that you can’t always see termites until it’s too late. So it’s important to get termite inspections, or even better is to sign on yearly service with Horizon or your local pest control company. Having trained and professional eyes on your property will identify any issues before they become problems.


Termites infesting on a wood

This year is expected to see a heavy termite season here in New Jersey. Horizon Pest Control has 40 years of experience and two offices in the state to provide the most thorough termite inspection possible. If you suspect you have termites or your someone in your neighborhood has recently had termites, call us today or go to Residential Termite Control to schedule an inspection. It’s better to be sure then surprised with a big problem on your hands.

Importance of Cleaning Your Gutters in the Spring

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Cleaning the gutter is not exactly a chore that people wake up in the morning and feel inspired about. Yet it is an important job that has much more to it than merely a clean home. Gutters tend to accumulate more dirt than we usually imagine. Dirty and rotting leaves, dust and small twigs- all these sit together and rot. After a freezing winter when it is practically impossible to clean out gutters, spring is the best time to get going.

Why should you clean out gutters anyway?

Gutters are built to take off excess rain water that falls on the roof. It is a simple mechanism that is structured to keep your house dry. But there is one problem that goes unnoticed by house owners. Dirty and clogged gutters form a perfect place for mosquitos to nest and lay eggs to hatch out in the spring. Mosquitos require stagnant water to lay eggs, and a clogged gutter provides just that in addition to protection from in climate weather. So if you neglect cleaning out your gutters, your house is likely to receive the unwanted attention of mosquitoes that bred in the safety of your gutters. So cleaning out your gutters gets rid of prospective mosquitoes in the making. After all, who wants to be bitten by mosquitoes?

How a gutter looks like before and after cleaning

How to clean your gutters?

Each house owner will have their own way of approaching this matter depending on proximity of trees etc. The best way is to place a ladder firmly against the side of your home and use a gutter scoop to get out the leaves, mud and dirt. Collect the debris in a pail or in a handy garbage bag. Regular cleaning of the gutters will prevent the nesting of mosquito eggs which in turn will discourage mosquito infestations. All leading to a bug bite free spring and summer.

Horizon Pest Control offers effective gutter cleaning services. Call us or visit Gutter Cleaning Service to scheduled a FREE appointment with one of our trained technicians.

Financial Impact of Rats and Mice on Commercial Facilities

Filed under: Commercial Pest Control — Tags: — Megan Howard @ 5:06 am March 16, 2012

Rats and mice are known to infest in any place where they can get warmth, food and shelter. Nothing suits this requirement better than warehouses, commercial establishment and businesses. Warehouses tend to store large quantities of food grains, fruit, meat etc. It is not open all the time which means rats can operate uninterruptedly. The same holds for offices and restaurants. They all tend to be locked up for night and rats are largely nocturnal in nature. Getting to mice and rats when they’re behind stacked crates or inventory becomes an impossible job. They are also not so choosy about what they eat. They take what they can get starting from meat, fruit, eggs and even soap or leather. It is no wonder that a rat infestation can cause damage worth thousands of dollars to commercial outfits.

a rat on a commercial facility

On August 25, 2011, reports of a rat infestation in a flour warehouse in the US caught people’s attention. This multi-million dollar company serves several thousands of US citizens. They had to get the warehouse fumigated and cleaned up to get the problem cleared. In yet another instance, an elementary school in Atlanta faced a rat infestation which professional exterminators came and sorted out.

In a third instance, a Manhattan post office faced a rat infestation which resulted in chewed boxes and envelopes.

Financial implications of rat damage included:

  1. Cost of disposing off all the damaged goods.
  2. Getting the area fumigated or treated by pest control. Paying for a good pest control firm.
  3. Purchasing the goods yet again. (Insurance providers cover damages by rats very rarely).
  4. Facing any angry clients who might sue.
  5. The final total may run into thousands of dollars very easily depending on the type of goods and extent of damage.

If you think your business is susceptible to a rodent infestation, call Horizon or click Commercial Rat Control to set a free inspection from one of our trained pest control pros. We’ll come visit your facility and identify where you may be at risk. Our trained eye may save your business thousands of dollars.

General Cockroach Information

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What are cockroaches?

Cockroaches are six-legged insects that have a brownish or even black in color and have two pairs of wings. They have lived on the earth for 350 million years. 60 different species of cockroaches are found in the US alone. Cockroaches actually come in 4000 different colors as well. Winged adults can grow to about two inches in length while the smaller cockroaches are usually wingless.

Attributes of cockroaches:

The female can produce egg-cases that can contain between 30 to 40 eggs. This is why cockroaches breed at astronomical speeds. The female carries this egg-case inside her body until one day before hatching is due. She then finds a dark ands hidden place to deposit the eggs. The nymphs take about 50 to 60 days to turn into full grown adults. The females tend to lay eggs in the warmer summer months between June to August. The life span of a cockroach is roughly two years. Females are able to lay about 10 egg cases during this life-time. The breeding rate reduces during winters.

Two cockroaches

Cockroaches are found in moist and warm places. They are highly attracted to food particles and are commonly found in places like the kitchen sink, boiler rooms and food stores. They are particularly attracted to dampness and water and like to live in sewers.

Habits of cockroaches:

Cockroaches are largely nocturnal by nature. They have wings but fly rarely but move by scurrying rapidly across the floor. They can actually move 12 feet in one second! They eat and mate at night. They can eat anything from food to toothpaste to leather to hair. They are known to live for at least two weeks without a head as their brains are situated in their legs. Their bodies secrete pheromone- a chemical secretion that produces a musty odor.

If you have a cockroach problem, go to our Cockroach Control page to set a FREE appointment. We have experienced technicians who are ready to help you get rid of pests.

Bed-Bugs And How They Have Been Consistently Found In Public Places

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Bed-bugs found in movie theatre:

Bed-bugs can invade any snug and cozy environment. It is not necessary that they are only found in your home and it is becoming more and more common to hear about bed bugs at businesses. In August last year, the AMC Empire 25 found bed-bugs in the seats after receiving complaints from customers that they had been bitten. The theater was forced to close for two full days in order to complete a full inspection and extermination.

bed bug on a skin

Bed-bugs creep into Google’s offices in New York!

The world’s favorite search engine Google had its headquarters on 9th avenue in Manhattan raided by bed-bugs. Known for its perks and fun-filled work atmosphere, Google workers got a shock as they discovered that their offices had been invaded by bed-bugs!

Goldman Sachs gets a dose of bed-bugs!!

The famous financial company Goldman Sachs also had to call in professional exterminators to get rid of bed-bugs in their offices. In fact employees were evacuated from certain floors and areas when the pest control operations were going on.

These incidents go on to show that no place is bed-bug free. No matter how posh or exclusive is immune to the influence of bed-bugs. Bed-bugs are silent enough and resilient to slip into any public place and lie in wait for their next victim. The best way to prevent the spread of bed bugs from your business is to work closely with your pest control company and schedule consistent inspections. The trained eye of a pest control professional can help save your company thousands of dollars a year.

*If you’d like to understand more about pest control services for Commercial customers, please call us or visit our Commercial Pest Control page. Horizon has specialized in Commercial Pest Control for over 40 years.