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Destructive Termites Eat Away At New Jersey!

Filed under: Termites — Megan Howard @ 11:19 pm February 27, 2012

Termite experts have predicted that New Jersey is going to be prime target for termites in the coming months as it gets warmer. New Jerseyis notorious for subterranean termites and since these termites cause about $5 billion worth of damage per year, they will definitely not leave New Jersey alone. The moist soil of The Garden State forms a perfect habitat for the breeding of subterranean termites. They then find their way into local NJ homes and buildings and begin their havoc.

The heavy rains in the falls and the warmer winter have made local soil more fertile then ever for termites. Specifically, these conditions have made it easier for subterranean termites to breed and build underground tunnels into the foundation of homes and buildings.

Experts say the changing weather patterns as well as expansion of human settlement into wooded areas in and around the state have made the imminent threat from termites much stronger than it used to be. The result is that homes and properties have much more chances of being infested by termites ten previous spring’s. Alertness and vigilance in checking the signs of termite invasions may prove very useful. If home owners contact professional pest control services on time, then they may prevent damage to their homes to the tune of thousands of dollars.

*For signs of Termite Infestation, please see our blog post from Feb. 23, 2012.


Since termites have been around for 2 million years, it is quite likely that as human population increases inNew Jersey, the termites increase too. After all the more damp wood they get to feed on, the faster they will breed. This is exactly what is happening in New Jersey now.

Increase in moist wood and rainy weather has increased the chances of termite attacks. In fact, after March 2012, it is expected that termite attacks will be much more noticeable than before! Keep safe by having your premises in New Jersey inspected regularly. If you suspect termite infestation, call us or go to our Termite Control page to set an appointment.


The Physical Signs of a Termite Infestation

Filed under: Termites — Megan Howard @ 4:12 am February 23, 2012

Termites are incredibly sly and persistent when they decide to attack your home. The best part is that they remain effectively concealed until it is too late. But alert and vigilant house owners can prevent expensive restoration and damage control by calling for pest control early. However with all their precautions, there are some significant tell-tale signs that point strongly to a termite infestation. Here are some of the signs that signal termites:

Mud tunnels from woodwork to the ground or at the foundation wall

Tunneling- tunnels are a typical characteristic of termites. Both drywood as well as subterranean termites make tunnels. Drywood tunnels burrow out tunnels by feeding on wood while subterranean termites make mud tunnels. The general appearance of these tunnels is rough. These tunnels essentially resemble mud tubes. These tunnels are often built in an irregular pattern and consist of mud particles and fecal matter.

Mud tunnels made by termites

The presence of winged reproductives called swarmers

The other common sign is that of spotting winged swarmers in your house. These are winged termites that are produced when the colony has grown very big. They set out in search of new nesting places to set up satellite colonies. The winged swarmers can be most commonly spotted during the spring months of March and April. Occasionally they may also be spotted during a warmer autumn. People often mistake them for flying ants. The presence of winged swarmers indicates the presence of a large and established colony in the vicinity.

Termites breed in thousands and have an organized colony structure that is efficiency-oriented. When you spot any of these signs- either mud tunnels or winged termites at your window pane or near a light source, it is time to call in the termite experts to inspect your property.

We are expecting a heavy termite season in New Jersey for 2012. If you suspect Termites in your home, go to New Jersey Termite Control to schedule your free appointment.

The Signs of Termites – What To Do?

Filed under: Termites — Tags: — Megan Howard @ 5:48 am February 1, 2012

Termite season is upon us and it’s vital that every home owner is aware of the signs of Termite infestation.

Basic warning signs of termite infestation

  • Small piles of wings near wooden structures or windows – termites shed their wings often after flight.
  • Damaged or destroyed wood that could not have been destroyed by old age or recent water damage.
  • If tapping on solid wall sections like walls or ceiling gives a hollow sound, it may indicate termites inside your home’s structure.
  • Evidence of mud tunnels near walls or window sills, and the outside around your home.
  • Small pin-sized holes on walls or floor where the termites exit and enter.

A reputed pest control company will stamp their client’s service offerings with reliability, punctuality and efficiency. Keep your eyes peeled for these warning signs. If you suspect Termites are trying to claim residency in your home, call Horizon Pest Control or got to Termite Control to schedule a free inspection.

Destructive Termites Eat Away At New Jersey