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Signs of Roach Infestation in a Business

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cockroach in a business property

Among all the pests that may invade your home or business premises, roaches perhaps are the creepiest ones. There are hardly any human beings who will not give a convulsive shudder when they see a roach. There is good reason to feel repulsed by them. They are associated with filth and unsanitary environments. Though a very tenacious species, roach infestations can be controlled by prevention, detection and elimination.

Signs of a Roach Infestation:

Roaches are largely nocturnal and if the business premises are deserted at night, it may be impossible to spot any sign of them until there are thousands of them. Even if you spot a stray one scurrying in the day, try keeping sticky roach traps to see if there are more.

Eliminate hiding places:

Roaches love little cracks and crevices in which to hide. Caulking cracks and crevices discourages shelters for roaches.

Check to see if there are any leaky pipes

If there are leaky pipes that drip water, chances are that a roach infestation might start itself there. Take no chances, call the plumber and keep your pipes in sleek condition and prevent stagnant water pools from forming.

Keep food containers tidy

If your office has a cafeteria that caters to staff, make sure the utensils and the cooking area is completely clean of left-over food particles.

Examine boxes and cartons

If your office regularly gets consignments from other places, have them examined for roaches or roaches’ eggs. Roaches are fond of nesting inside paper or cardboard. Avoid keeping any unnecessary rags, boxes or old newspapers around.

Contrary to popular belief, roaches may be found in the cleanest places too. They may be eliminated by using insecticides, baits and dusts. If the problem is severe, then you could consider calling in professional pest control services. To schedule an appointment, visit Cockroach Control.

Why You Should Clean Your Air Ducts To Discourage Mold

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mold growth

Mold is a form of fungi that breeds in warm and moist places. While most forms of mold are harmless to humans and are very useful in decomposing dead matter, there are some unwanted forms of mold that find shelter in our homes. People may become very sick with breathing problems because of the presence of mold spores. Areas which are prone to condensation tend to attract the formation of mold. A common area where condensation takes place is air ducts. This makes it important to clean your air-ducts regularly to avoid mold formation.

How to check for the presence of molds in air-ducts

You can dismantle sections of the air-duct to check for mold. Mold signifies its presence by white or black spots and by a typical musty odor. Regular inspection of the air-ducts is a must as mold breeds at breakneck speed and will spread every time the air vents are turned on.

Air-duct cleaning to get rid of mold

It is best to request the services of a certified and licensed air-duct cleaning firm in your area. They will inspect your air-vent and suggest the right treatment for the mold. The normal course of treatment is a chemical based spray.

Some tips to keep your air-ducts free of mold:

  • Keep the cooling coil of the air-conditioning system dry. It will usually drip water, keep wiping the coil regularly. Spray  disinfectant regularly.
  • Opt for sloping drain pans instead of flat ones.
  • Have your air-duct filter changed regularly. A mold infested filter may cause the mold spores to spread throughout the house.
  • Fiber-glass insulation should be removed as it tends to become breeding colonies for mold infestations. Its better to opt for plain sheet metal minus insulation.

Protect your home and your loved ones from the dangers of molds. If you think you have a mold problem, schedule a free inspection us by calling us or through this link –> New Jersey Mold Control.

Why Do You Get Fruit Flies and How To Prevent Them?

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fruit fly

What are fruit flies and why do you get them?

Fruit flies are named after what they like to eat the most- fruits and vegetables. They are also known as vinegar flies. They are typically spotted around fruits and vegetables that are left out to ripen, vegetable gardens and trash cans. They are attracted to the smell of ripening and rotting fruits and veggies, then flock to the location of that smell. They are generally black in color and about one-eighth of an inch in size. They are known to hover over food that they’re attracted to, like a fruit bowl, and are known to be found most commonly in homes, gardens, supermarkets and grocery shops.

Why Fruit flies are considered pests:

Though fruit flies are usually just annoying more than anything else, they can also contaminate food with bacteria that can spread diseases. They also have the ability to breed at breakneck speeds and multiple into the thousands quickly, becoming even more annoying and unsanitary.

How to prevent fruit flies infestations in your home?

The best and most effective way to prevent fruit-fly infestations in your home or business is by keeping all vegetables and fruits neatly stored. Food that is left out and beginning to spoil will attracted these annoying insects. Even a small spillage of fruit juice under the kitchen sink might breed thousands of fruit flies. So, the best way to keep Fruit Fly’s away is to keep your house clean and free of rotting remains of fruit and vegetables.

How can fruit-flies be eliminated?

Certain chemicals are effective at eliminating breeding nests of Fruit Fly’s, but the first task is locating the breeding station. Finding the existing breeding stations as well as potential nests may be quite challenging.

If you find your home invaded by fruit-flies, the best thing to do is call us or visit Fruit Fly Control to schedule a free consultation.  We will inspect your home or business and eliminate the problem swiftly and completely.

Horizon Pest Control Honored by Angie’s List!

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Angie’s List has again bestowed the honor of their Super Service Award for 2011 to Horizon Pest Control. The Angie’s List Super Service Award for 2011 was awarded for both Pest Control and Animal Removal!

This is the second Super Service Award won by Horizon – 2009 for the Pest Control category.

This was not awarded to Horizon because of a single individual or event, but awarded to a team of professionals who act to best service their customers needs every day. Great job team!

Thank you to our customers for letting our family take care of your family. We wish all the best in 2012!


Angie's List Super Service Award 2011