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Stink Bugs, Lady Bugs & Mosquitos BUGGING YOU?

Filed under: Pest Control,Pest Management — Megan Howard @ 10:42 pm September 14, 2011

Pest controlHorizon Pest Control can help you get rid of stink bugs, lady bugs , mosquitoes and outdoor pests.  For a free home evaluation, visit Horizon Pest Control Residential Services.

Mold: the Silent Aftermath of Irene

Filed under: Mold Extermination — Tags: — Megan Howard @ 4:10 pm September 6, 2011

mold damaging wallsThe water damage that your home or business suffered from the storm could easily become a major mold problem if it goes unaddressed …

But here’s some good news that you can use if you’ve fallen victim to the flood waters of Irene; It’s now easier than ever for you to rid your home of mold and the horrendous odors it can cause.


No other company in our area can offer this comprehensive treatment that so many homes and businesses are in need of after Irene. Unlike remediation – Horizon offers a cure for your mold problem, not a temporary fix.


After 41 years of success with pest control, we’ve designed our Mold program with the same paramount goal in mind: To protect your health and property. Please visit the following links to learn more about mold after flooding, and the health of your family and property:

EPA – All Things Mold

CDC – Black Mold

Don’t let molds destroy your home and endanger your family. Call us or visit Mold Care to schedule a free evaluation.