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Mosquitoes Don’t Want You to Read This

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mosquito biteFourth of July is around the corner…and the one thing you can count on after all the rain we’ve encountered is mosquitoes. Protect your outdoor space, your family & your pets from getting bitten with Horizon’s Yard Guard Service! It’s safe and effective! Added Bonus: This service also works for fleas and ticks! Three birds, one stone. That’s efficient – that’s Horizon.

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Bug Facts…

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The Good, The Bad & The BUGly

hornet 's face

Things That Go Sting!

All stinging insects defend their nests and food, but Yellow Jackets are the most aggressive. They are also better at stinging: Yellow jackets can sting repeatedly, whereas bees have a barbed stinger and can sting mammals only once. You can easily ID Yellow Jackets by their thin “waists”, as opposed to Bees’ thick waists. Yellow Jackets also have no body hair like bees do.

Both of these Stinging Insects are persistent pests, because they look for food far away from their nests.

Consider the following steps to make your home less attractive to them:

· Limit availability of sweet drinks and greasy foods. Soft drinks and fruit drinks are their favorites, as are barbecued meats. These attractive food odors drift for long distances.
· Clean up spilled food and beverages immediately.
· Cover pitchers and dispose of all empty drink containers. Use caution drinking from cans, because you can’t see if a stinging insect has flown inside of it!
· Cover standing food or put it away as soon as possible.
· Use trash cans with tight-fitting lids & keep trash area clean.
· Avoid sweet perfumes, colognes and deodorants.
· Consider a professional ongoing, preventive program.

Protect your family from stinging insects! If you need comprehensive bee control in New Jersey, click Pest Control Programs.