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Move Over Bed bugs: Stink Bugs Have Landed

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A couple and their dog getting rid of stink bugsAn interesting article from the New York Times about the new nuisance bug in town; stink bugs. However, if you ask me, I’ll take stink bugs over bedbugs any day! What do you think?



If stink bugs have invaded your home or if you want to learn more about these creatures, visit our Stink Bugs page.

The Importance of Pest Management…

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Cockroach ControlHappy Wednesday everyone! I’d like to share a quick (and unfortunate) story with you guys from my weekend. It really hit home just how important pest management is. I hope none of you ever experience this…

I went out to dinner to a favorite spot with some friends. It was the kind of place where the owner knows your face. Dinner was off to an amazing start! Drinks and appetizers were all delicious as usual. I ordered the seared yellow fin tuna. My first bite – amazing. The second…even better…when all of a sudden, a roach crawled out from under my tuna steak and flipped itself over on my plate. My face went white as I watched the roach’s legs squirm on my plate in a struggle to flip itself over. I get the chills just writing about it. I was totally paralyzed. One of my friends saw my face and came over to pick up my plate and deliver it to the waiter. Mortified – the waiter came over…then the owner. I had to excuse myself because I was pretty upset. While I was gone, the owner sat at our table and apologized and tried to assure us that this has never happened before and would never happen again. Of course, no one finished their dinner and the offer for a new set of entrees was refused. As was desert. We still had bottles of wine on the table so we sat around for a few minutes. Our entire check was comped…but there is nothing that that restaurant owner can do to erase that image from our minds. Nor can he stop us from telling the story over and over again to everyone we know.

So, needless to say, while I have always appreciated what the pest management industry does to ensure the success of the many other industries that rely on it, it was certainly renewed on this evening.

PS – When I went looking for the above image of a roach using Google images, a plethora of stories similar to my own came up. SCARY! Do you dare to find out what some other people have experienced…? Is there a story about your favorite restaurant?

Don’t let cockroaches and other pests ruin your business. For more information on how to protect you restaurant from pests, visit Commercial Cockroach Control.

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