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How Mosquitoes Choose Their Victims | Exterminator New Jersey

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Have you even wondered why mosquitoes seem to like bothering you more than they bother others? It turns out that mosquitoes choose use three different organs to sniff people out. A mosquito has two antennae, two maxillary palps and two labella, which are sensory organs that tell a mosquito how tasty a particular person is, and if a person’s blood is worth the trouble. If you are looking for a Exterminator New Jersey contact us today! Exterminator New Jersey

The maxillary palps protrude from the lower part of a mosquito’s head. The palps are nearly parallel to a mosquito’s proboscis, which is a sheath that covers a mosquito’s needle-like blood sucking organ. The labella is located at the top of the proboscis. The labella is responsible for integrating taste and smell. The antennae, maxillary palp, and labella all have olfactory, or smell receptors located somewhere on these organs. In other words a mosquito has three different noses that are specialized for sniffing you out.

Do other blood sucking insect organisms possess multiple organs dedicated to analyzing the relative taste of a person’s blood?


Fish Hunting Spiders That Are Too Cool to Eat Insects | New Jersey Exterminator

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Fish Hunting Spiders That Are Too Cool to Eat Insects |  New Jersey Exterminator New Jersey Exterminator

For the most part spiders are known to be pretty happy eating up any insect that finds its way into their web. However, there are some spiders out there that are just too cool to eat insects like everyone else. These bad boys are instead hunters of fish. No web needed, but some pretty badass skills help these spiders to be fearsome fish predators.

The pond wolf spider from the Lycosidae family is the smallest fish to practice hunting fish. These spiders can be found in the rice fields and swamps of Asia. These spiders have a bit of a Napoleonic streak. At only 1 centimeter in length, these tiny spiders are able to take down fish much larger than them, and are pretty amazing hunters. This just goes to show that you shouldn’t judge a spider by his tiny cover.

The Trechaleidae family of spiders are kind of the black sheep of the fish-hunters. Their hunting technique is to just plant their hind legs on a stone or plant, rest their front legs in the water, and just wait till a meal swims by. They are pretty lazy hunters when you get right down to it. They don’t chase their prey and cannot actually dive. That’s some lazy fishing if you ask me.

What other spiders do you know of that hunt fish?

Not All Male Spiders Turn Out To Be Bad Fathers | New Jersey Spider Control

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Given all the different species of arachnid that exist, you would still be hard pressed to find an example of a spider species where the males care for their offspring. The vast majority of male spiders abandon their offspring immediately. You can contact us today for New Jersey Spider Control services!New Jersey Spider Control

The species of solitary spider known as M. Porreca is, so far, the only solitary species of spider that shows paternal care. These protective spider-fathers will risk their lives to protect the mother’s egg sacs from predators. In addition to offering protection, these fatherly spiders will even tidy up the nest and web every once in awhile.

Most of the time, after a male spider mates with a female, the male will go skittering away as quickly as it can in order to avoid being eaten by his female mate. This solitary spider, on the other hand, will build a nest on top of the female’s nest so that it can stand guard for its family. Entomologists are now learning more about the conditions necessary to make paternal care beneficial for spiders.

Do you think that the female has any benefits to gain by refraining from eating her male mate? Why don’t other spider mothers retain the father for particular duties?

How Insects Could Save The Environment | Free New Jersey Pest Inspection

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Humans consume and waste a whole lot of food. Anybody that has ever worked in the restaurant industry will agree that people have a tendency to throw away a lot of food. Naturally, there is some environmental concern about the consequences of throwing away as much food as we do. Some researchers believe that by letting bugs feast on our food waste we can reduce the negative impact so much garbage has on the ecosystem. If you are dealing with bugs or insects you can contact us today for a free New Jersey Pest Inspection

New Jersey Pest Inspection

A researcher, Phil Taylor, from the University of Colorado at Boulder is one of the few that is starting a company that is based around the idea of using insects to break down food. Taylor uses the larvae of black soldier flies to break down food. The larvae of the black soldier fly is known for being ravenous, and is the ideal candidate for breaking down mass amounts of food. The researchers and entrepreneurs involved with these business projects are hoping to use the insects for animal feed once the insects are at the end of their lifecycle.

Do you think that insect based animal proteins offer more nutrients than soybean based animal feed?

When Cockroaches Fly – New Jersey Cockroach Control Experts

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When Cockroaches Fly – New Jersey Cockroach Control Experts

If you ever see a bunch of big cockroaches flying through the air don’t worry, it is not judgment day, it is actually an ability roaches have always had. I have seen plenty of roaches, but I have never encountered one that I thought was going to suddenly start flying. So obviously roaches do just fine a majority of the time without using their wings to fly, but when do they fly? When humans are not looking?

Researchers have noticed that cockroaches will only fly when the temperature of their environment becomes as high as 80 or 90 degrees. For example, the New York City heat wave of 2016 made many exterminators small fortunes since many New York City residents could not handle the reality of the flying roaches. Naturally, if you were to encounter one of the most revolting creatures in existence flying towards you, then you would likely feel inclined to call the exterminator as well.

The experts know that there is a relationship between high heat and cases of airborne roaches. Insects are able to move their muscles better the higher the temperatures, and this is likely the only reason why roaches fly during high heat days. Apparently, roaches like showing off their muscles in much the same way as humans.

Have you ever encountered a flying cockroach? Is a flying cockroach the same thing as a palmetto bug?

An Uncommon Parasitic Infection Is Becoming More Prevalent In The US

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An Uncommon Parasitic Infection Is Becoming More Prevalent In The US – Fly Control Expertsfly control NJ

This year the Zika infection reached United States soil and caused many Americans to fear for their lives. If Zika was not enough for you, there is now another insect-borne disease that is becoming more common in the US. The infection is called leishmaniases, and it occurs in over ninety countries around the world, but the United States almost never sees its citizens coming down with this infection.

Scientists believe that this parasitic disease is infecting more people in the USA as a result of ecotourism. The disease is increasing among American travelers who want to visit parts of the planet where ecosystems are conserved in their natural state. Unfortunately, this means that more disease spreading insects will be present in these types of undisturbed natural environments.

The parasite is spread by the sand fly. Most Americans contract this disease when traveling to Central and South America. The infection can be deadly, but a timely diagnosis can save lives.

Have you ever contracted an insect-borne disease? If so, what type of disease did you have?

Insects Are Keeping Almonds Off Of Supermarket Shelves

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Louisiana is a major producer of pecans. According to one expert, the sale of Louisiana pecans will likely reach five million American dollars for the year of 2016. However, this is number is disappointing when considering how much money was lost due to insect-pests.Pest Control NJ

Two years ago pecan farmers in Louisiana suffered tremendous losses in revenue due to insect related damage to pecan crops. Despite this setback, pecan farmers were hoping that 2015 would be different, and high yields and growing profits would return, but it didn’t. However, in one stroke of good fortune, prices and demand remain strong for pecans.

Pecan harvests usually begin in October of every year, and ideally, the harvest ends by thanksgiving. However, wet weather often postpones the end of the harvest until January. Due to the same factors that led to the decrease in pecan sales last year, pecan specialist, Charlie Graham, predicts that 2016 will likely look just as dismal for pecan farmers.

Which types of bugs are beneficial for pecan crops?

Beer Can Now Be Made With Insects

Beer Can Now Be Made With Insects – Soon we may be seeing products such as “Bugweiser” at our local grocery stores. Researchers at North Carolina State University are working on a new method of beer making. The process is largely the same as normal beer production, but with a minor difference. The new beer being tested at the University includes yeast procured from bugs as one of its ingredients.

Researchers start the process by collecting wasps from the wild, and then they proceed to grind them up in order to extract all the usable yeast from their bodies. Once the yeast is extracted it is placed into a petri dish so that it may grow to the size necessary for brewing. Next the researchers take the yeast to a brewery to create and test out the new insect-inspired beer.

All those who have tasted the bug-brew have described its taste as being more sweet and tart than your typical beer. Although finding new methods of creating beer may sound like a noble academic pursuit to some, others may think that making beer does not need to be improved. However, the taste of the bug-brew seems to be universally praised.

Would you be willing to buy beer made from bugs if such a beer were to be less costly?

How A Variety Of Different Insects Prepare For Winter

This is the time of year when insects are going into chill-mode, or they just die. Some bugs hibernate over the winter, while other bugs will die, or succeed in finding a warm shelter during the winter months, such as your home. In any case, bugs tend to resort to a variety of different survival methods during the winter months, and some methods are more surprising than others.

Some insects, such as crickets, grasshoppers and praying mantises, leave their eggs behind for the winter before they die. Of course, there are many insects that succeed in migrating long distances, and into environments that are completely different from where they came from. For example, dragonflies, and the lesser-known tiny potato leafhoppers can migrate to other regions of the world with completely different and more hospitable climatic conditions.NJ pest control services

Other bugs, like the stinkbug and boxelder bugs, count on finding an indoor location in order to live out the cold winter. If these insects fail to find a warm location to chill out for four or five months, then they will certainly die as these bugs can only seem to survive in dwellings made for humans. However, many other bugs are content with the warmth that can be found underneath a rock. These are the bugs that you don’t need to worry about this winter, but keep an eye out for roaches since they prefer the comfort of your home during the winter months, and they make for bad Christmas guests.

Have you ever studied or even heard of a method of winter survival for bugs that was not mentioned in the above article? NJ pest control services

Popular Acrobatic Act Will Focus On Insects

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The world-renowned acrobatic act known as Cirque Du Soleil will be staging a new performance that focuses on the movements and the general physical nature of insects and spiders. The performance has been titled “Ovo”, and it will premier during the spring season of 2017.

A press release from the performance group described the upcoming insect-inspired event as showing the lifecycles, work and physical movement of spiders and insects in a manner that is meant to educate. The word “ovo” means “egg” in Portuguese, and this word was chosen as the title because the performance will begin with a single insect egg that hatches into hundreds of tiny and bustling insects.

The highlight of the show will include a high-flying act, in which performers operate together from ropes suspended from the ceiling. This is one example of the spider-like imagery to be expected from the show. Tickets go on sale in December.

Do you think that it is important to educate the public and the young about insects, and the benefits they provide for mother earth?



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