What Cockroach Control Can Do To Your Restaurant

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Defending your restaurant from cockroaches

Protect your business against cockroaches

In any facility where food is commonly handled and stored, it is necessary that they have proper pest management to make certain that the environment is safe and clean. But, where there is food, there is also a risk of infestation. Restaurant owners and their employees need to be aware of such risks and create a plan to prevent them from occurring or infesting. For food establishments such as in restaurants, the risk for a cockroach infestation is higher since they provide food, warmth and moisture every day.

Cockroaches flourish where food and moisture are readily available so it would not be a surprise if roaches all of a sudden appear in business establishments. These pests have survived for millions of years and will still survive for many more years. However, these roaches are repulsive and objectionable to most people simply by their presence. They are also capable of transmitting disease that can cause food poisoning and create food contamination as they passed through surfaces. They can also trigger allergic reaction to people. Their feces, saliva, eggs, outer cover, and cuticles are mostly left on places where they commonly hide, stay or just walked in. The most effective way to prevent them from invading is to simply get rid of their hiding places.

The “Kitchen Cockroach”

German Cockroach. The most common kitchen cockroach is the German cockroach since it is usually found in close relation to kitchens and food areas. It is a highly productive pest that has a fast reproductive cycle that can create a troublesome infestation. Each month a single roach can release an egg case that contains thirty to forty eggs. The nymph will develop into adulthood in just 40 to 120 days, depending on their environment. These roaches are nocturnal, but may also be seen during the day especially with heavy infestations.

Cockroach Control in Restaurants

Discard all cardboard boxes. Once supplies are received and everything are in their proper storage, make certain that all cardboard boxes are discarded as soon as possible. Use only durable containers that are easy to clean and maintain so that the storage of food and supplies will also maintain their quality.

Seal all cracks and crevices. This will include:

  • Inspecting all floors, walls and equipment. Seal any cracks and crevices found in the area
  • Apply a smooth bead of silicon to small cracks
  • Make necessary repairs to holes in walls
  • Remove any posters from walls to seal and caulk any areas that need sealing

Create an easy cleaning method. Make certain that equipment is properly placed to create easy cleaning. Equipment like refrigeration units, file cabinets, and other equipment should be placed up off the floor with either six inch legs, caster wheels, or a rack that provides easy access to clean the floor beneath the tools.

Garbage disposal. Garbage containers that are used inside the kitchen and food area should be emptied at the end of every day.

General sanitation. Proper sanitation should be observed regularly to get rid of all food debris and dirt. Always eliminate standing water as this could also attract pests.

Cockroach Treatment in Restaurants

Pest Control in Restaurants

Apply roach baits in cracks or crevices where roach feces, shells and live cockroaches are found.

Apply an insecticide dust or an insecticide foam into wall voids behind stoves or dishwashers and in plumbing pipes. These places are most likely to have cockroaches because of the humidity provided by the pipes.

Apply insecticides. Always read product labels before the application because not all insecticides can be applied in restaurants. The most used insecticides for homes and even in businesses are not always labeled appropriate in commercial kitchens, food serving areas and food preparation areas due to possible contamination of foods and utensils. Never apply insecticides while food is being prepared, served, eaten or when they are open or exposed. Make sure to apply the proper insecticide when the areas are clear of people, open food, guard dogs, and until all areas have been allowed to dry.

When spraying kitchens, dining rooms or other sensitive areas, pay close attention to cracks, crevices, entry points, hiding places, and areas where roaches, ants, pantry pests and other pests stay for food and water. Also, pay particular attention to receiving areas and storage rooms and keep these places clean and treated on a regular basis.

Cockroach infestation, whether minor or major, can ruin your business. For professional help, contact Horizon Pest Control. Visit Commercial Cockroach Control now.

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