Bed Bugs are on the Rise!

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Bed Bug Control Service

A bed bug infestation is on the rise in the United States. And, while people are bed bug magnets, these pests are even harder to detect. Bed bugs can be found in places beyond just a bed. They can be found in houses, planes, luggage and even clothing. They can also be found in five-star hotels. These little creatures will not stop until they get what they want, and that is to feed on our blood.

They mostly look like an apple seed, flat and brown and they are commonly found in places where people sleep and those who travel. But anyone is at risk in bringing bed bugs with them. With the winter here, most are thinking if they will have a break with bed bugs just like some animals and insects that commonly hibernate. However, as the weather cools, and people stay indoors, they are more exposed to bed bugs.

But how? A number of animals are known to hibernate during winter. While there are other insects and animals that tend to slow or alter their normal activities during this time. The reason for this is that their bodies cannot adapt to the cold weather, which would result for these animals and insects to feel more sluggish. Insects mostly are unable to cope in the cold, so they become rare than usual.

What Happens to Bedbugs During Winter

Bed bugs on the other hand knows the trouble that will happen to them when they come out from their hiding. If bedbugs attempt to stay outside during winter, they would not be able to survive since they would quickly die off. These smart bugs do not even attempt to survive outside in the cold, and they also do not hibernate like some animals do. So, in an attempt to save themselves, they will just stay in your home and pretend it is just any other day.

Protecting Yourself from Bed bugs

So where do bed bugs hide inside the home during winter? Bed bugs hide in the same places where they commonly stay. Pay close attention to places that are heated during the winter. For instance, instead of concentrating of finding them in attics or basements where it is cold, look in warmer places such as your bedrooms. These bugs will hide in cracks and holes, inside mattresses and other furniture, and so on.

Bed bugs are resilient to cold. According to a new research bed bugs have a high cold tolerance, but they will eventually succumb to the cold after several days of exposure. Spraying these insects with the use of over-the-counter pesticide fogger will just drive the insects into the cracks and walls, and will not eradicate them. The best way to get rid of these insects is to wash the linens and clothes in hot water and drying them on high heat.

Ways to protect you from bed bugs

  • Eliminate them with the use of heat
  • Use special mattress encasement to trap the bugs inside the mattresses and prevent them from getting in
  • There are also interceptor devices that can be installed in on the bed’s legs to trap the bugs as they try to enter or leave the bed
  • Contact a bed bug exterminator that uses special trucks to heat furniture that can kill the bugs

For more information on bed bug control, please visit our website for Horizon’s Bed Bug Control Service.


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